Nowadays, issue of Google’s fight against Chinese

Nowadays,it is difficult for an organizations to survive without encounteringchallenges, competition that would bring organizations more opportunities. Intough times, the difference between a good and a bad management can beillustrated with survival and failure. In the issue of Google’s fight againstChinese censorship, it is a given fact that in any business tactics andstrategies there are no single approach that applies to all or that is throughto all, as said different strokes for different folks. If Google want to dobusiness in China, they have to abide, follow, adhere by China`s local laws,which includes restrictions on speech. And since the United States of Americahas some of the most permissive, all freedom-of-speech laws in the whole world,American companies must adapt in order to do business even in parts of theworld that are culturally very similar to the their country.Accordingto the atlantic news and the guardian, Google effectively shut down its Chineseoperations after it discovered a cyber-attack from within the country thattargeted it and dozens of other companies. And while investigating the attack,Google found that the Gmail accounts of a number of Chinese human-rightsactivists had been hacked.

It`s investigation had shown that, separately, theaccounts of dozens of US-, China- and Europe-based Gmail users who are advocates of human rights in China appeared tohave been routinely accessed by third parties. Accordingly, for the millions ofinternet users in China, Pakistan, and other places where censorship is thenorm, the tradeoff for getting to use new services remains the same: Easilyaccessible information comes at the cost of continued government control,filtered through American Internet companies. In Iran, however, where Twitterhas been blocked for more than five years, Twitter has made changes toaccommodate Iranian users that are able to circumvent their government’sInternet filters. The company recently began allowing users with Iranian phonenumbers to activate two-factor authentication, a login option which can protectaccounts from being hacked.

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Rowland called Twitter’s actions in Iran the”ethical high-water mark for resisting government attempts to censor access tocontent.”Contemporarychallenges in the field of modern technology are indeed a challenge in modernmanagement. Today is the era of technology where there is a remarkable dealwith modern technology and society’s constant connection to the Internettechnology. This allows more innovation, creativity in business than everbefore – including the black market.

Cybercriminals are carefully discoveringnew innovative ways too to tap the most sensitive networks in the world.Consequently, since China’s form of government is a communist state known as aPeople’s Republic. Unlike parties in Western democracies, Chinese Communist Partyis a tightly organized political force that controls and leads society at alllevels. This results censorship in the Google account, thus if Google wanted tohave business in China, they should be with the local laws just like whattwitter did in Iran.


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