Nowadays, will be focusing on the topic

 Nowadays, it is harder for people to live a healthy life. The world that we live in right now gave us pressure to have the perfect body. Everyone wants everything instantly. That leads an individual to have eating disorder and do not exercise regularly. Exercising is important to each individual that lives in this world. Exercising will help an individual to be healthy and to have more stable weight.

The amount of exercise will definitely affect the weight of an individual. This paper focuses on the relationship between weight and exercising. Both data result will be compared to see whether there is correlation between the amount of exercising and an individual’s weight. It was hypothesized that the weight of an individual will be more stable when they spend more time on exercising compare to the one that do not exercise. It is also hypothesize that not exercising will lead an individual to have unstable weight. This explains that it is easier for an individual to increase and decrease their weight in a short period of time.

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Lack of exercising may leads to an unstable weight of an individual. Another possible hypothesis is that there is no relationship between weight and the time spent on exercising. I am interested in investigating this topic because I wanted to know the relationship between our weight and how long I spend my time on exercising. Does exercising affect our weight or not.

 As stated above, this paper will be focusing on the topic of correlation. It uses the equation of coefficient of correlation. The formula that is stated above is used to count 2 different variables. In this case, the variable will be weight and the minute spent on exercising.

I will be using Texas Instruments such as TI-nspire to help me calculate the data. There are several ways that can be used to calculate Pearson correlation of coefficient. For instance, the formula that is written above, texas instrument (TI-83, TI-nspire), Microsoft excelInvestigating the correlation between weight and the time spent in exercising


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