Nowadays, create opportunities for children to continue their

Nowadays, there are a lot of organizations
that fight poverty around the world such as ‘Care’, ‘World Vision
International’, ‘Food for the Hungry’ etc. There are also organizations that
focus more on children and fight for them to get an education that they
deserve, such as ‘Save the Children’, ‘Children International’, ‘United Nations
Children’s Funds (UNICEF)’ etc. In Malta, there are local organizations that
help to maintain those who are living in income poverty, such as ‘Caritas’ and
‘The Community Chest Fund’. Every year, a charity marathon is organized to
gather money for these organizations so that they can help those who are in
need. Education is the major solution to escape poverty, but poverty remains to
be an interference in education.

Justice, Mario Cardona, 2010).
Education in Malta is free but the educational system does not seem to
recognize the reality and backgrounds that some of the children come from, “Although
Malta already provides universally free and compulsory schooling for children
aged 6 to 16, it seems that this achievement is not enough to effectively cater
for all the social realities found in the Maltese society” (Educational Policies that Address Social Inequality,
Vallejo and Dooly, November 2008). Some children do not
have a lot of support from home, so they do not have the audacity to continue
studying and they drop out of school as soon as they finish secondary school, “Almost
a fifth of Maltese young people aged 18 to 24 do not receive any education” (Times
of Malta, Caruana C., November 2017). The
Ministry of Education works to create opportunities for children to continue
their education after secondary school “In recent years, the Education Ministry
has launched several measures aimed at reducing the number of early school leavers.
The measures target younger students, with schemes to encourage them to further
their education beyond secondary level” (Times
of Malta, Caruana C., November 2017).

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