Nowadays, news on television is not quality

Nowadays, people can get information from various media. Such as radio, newspapers, internet, or television. But there are many people who think television is the worst invention in modern times. Even though many people think television is the worst invention, I believe there are many benefits that we can get from television. Many people said the news on television is not quality even the accuracy is questionable. In fact, a lot of the latest information on television and its accuracy can be guaranteed.

Like news on television related to politics, crime, health, and others. Opponents also argue that there are people who cannot buy a sophisticated television because of poverty. But research shows that poor people prefer to get information from television. After all, to get the information we don’t need to buy a television that is too expensive. There are many televisions that are affordable.It should be evident that the arguments against getting news from television are not valid. On the contrary, television is a great invention.

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Even though poor people cannot buy a sophisticated television, they can still get news from television. And, there is also valid and reliable news. Hence, in my opinion, the arguments mentioned above must be changed.


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