Nowadays, Oman cities, which is for transporting goods,

Nowadays, national transports company in Oman it becoming as the first company which is having different stations around all of Oman cities, which is for transporting goods, people and also offering other services. Our project is about the logistic sector management in the national transport company. The logistics management is can be defined as a one of the latest branches of administrative science.

It includes an integrated system of activities inside and outside the organization, such as purchasing, storage, transportation, distribution, handling, packaging, customer service and scheduling. For gathering the data and information’s we are having two ways of methods by using primary data and secondary data. While the primary data is by making interview with the logistic sector in the national transport company and finding out what is the role of logistic in this company, moreover making open-ended questionnaire to collect more ideas and different comments related to our topic. On the other hand, the secondary data is by searching about different literature reviews on different websites on internet which have done previously same as our topic and analysis them and compare these results to our results, also collecting from different books which are describing the role of logistic to the transportation companies.

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