Nowadays, it contains wood and trees and

Nowadays, a lot of in gradient of the world are losing natural resource are important.

like, forest, animals and clean water. Moreover, there are several things that cause this problem. However, water is the most important natural resource in the earth. Moreover, clean water, animals and forest.

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In this essay, I would like to share my opinion about this serious problem. Firstly, forests are the only shelters for living creature. Such as, animals and birds. with development industries, many forest are cutting down. In order to obtain an open space for building factories. Actually, animals are living in the forest, it contains wood and trees and her offspring are planted there. In this time, the animals threatened in the forests were driven from their natural meadows to the city areas by logging trees from factory owners. This situation is also a threat to human life, as some animals in some cases may attack humans and this in itself is a disaster.

In addition, the whole ecosystem in the forest provides a predatory source such as predators. For example, Tigers and elephants are among the most dangerous animals in humans if they reach urban areas. However, if this situation persists, it may soon become extinct.

Secondly, at present many developed countries have no laws and regulations towards industrials waste and live swage that drip pure water. Drainage plants are disposed of in a very dry manner, resulting in pollution of the entire ecosystem. And this affects negatively on animals in the sea, such as fish and human deigns who use these fish for each ,every one ,which leads to chronic disease , also harm the food chain for all people and marine animals.

Furthermore, causing water to be unusable and it causes improper water use which precipitates many serious healthy disease and poisoning. On the other hand, most organisms rely on water primarily in human and animal life. Water is also an important factor in the completeness of cosmic life, which is the basic foundation. For example, plants can’t leave without water. However, it effect on their living, of un clean water, because of the industries of developing counties thronging waste into the sea. This make the sea contamination.To sum up, it seems likely that, the world without water is nothing, there is no capacity of life in the world. Also, I would say government should make rules against the people who contamination of water and punish them.


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