Notes:13 million 230 thousand pounds of paper

Notes:13 million pounds paper towels used every year571 million 230 thousand pounds of paper towels COULD be used every year”You can do it all with one towel”shake and fold method- audience participationMy three favorite examples include the following:Opinion: “You know the funny thing is, I get my hands drier than people do with three or four, because they can’t get in between the cracks”.This is an opinion because Smith does not know this for sure; it is just a guess of his. This opinion is based just on what he has seen, but he does not provide any evidence to support it. A piece of evidence that he could have offered could include: a study that had been worked on previously, a poll sent out to random people all over the world (or just in America), or a poll that he took on the streets of a busy city.

Any of these could have made his opinion become a trusted fact.Fact:”13 billion pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year”This fact is substantiated by evidence throughout the talk, but most clearly in the beginning. When he is introducing the topic, he says the wrong number of paper towels used, but soon corrects himself. If this statistic was an opinion, he would not have been able to correct himself as he did. 2) “If we could reduce the usage of paper towels to one paper towel per person per day, it would be 571,230,000 pounds of paper not used”.

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This is both a fact and an opinion. Joe Smith states that there are multiple kinds of towel dispensers:the trifold, the tear off, and the electric cutting one. People vary with how much paper towel they use based on which dispenser they are given.

 1 and 2 are both considered facts because Joe Smith uses statistics and he actually demonstrates his method in person using a bowl of water and a paper towel. It is an opinion when he is speaking of the paper towels, their absorbency, and the sizes that consumers prefer. He did not have proof of these things during his speech; therefore they cannot be considered facts.

Smith’s statements could also be considered informed opinions because he is an older man which could mean that he has years of prior knowledge that make him able to make these conjectures.


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