Nobody around my entire life . I had

Nobody Really likes to move. At least, i know don’t . I had lots of good friends that i have been around my entire life . I had lived my entire life in that house and i did not want to leave . It was like “leaving my friends to find new ones” .

My entire school life beginning from elementary school hasn’t always been a good reputation. My mom brought up this idea of moving, and  in the beginning , it was just a crazy idea to me and  i thought there was no way we would ever move . as time went on this crazy idea just started to become reality. My Mom and family would go to open houses and always had this guy with them when seeing the houses ,so it felt very shocking . i  just kept believing that it was just never gonna happen .

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After a few months have gone by i saw my parents buying boxes and just began to pack ,at that moment i just knew we were going to move.It was going to be hard to leave everything Behind and move to a new place . This was my first time ever  moving ,so i didn’t know what to expect. The hardest part for me was leaving my best friend Jalaiya. We were like two peas in a pod and it was gonna be hard to live her behind .

i didn’t know how to tell her that i was leaving, and i wasn’t going to . I wanted  this day to never come but, it came faster than i’ve hoped . When the day came , we got our  last items we left in the house , and i said my final goodbye to Jalaiya. After we left  i just had to leave my old life behind to start a new one.I have always thought my life in my old neighborhood was just fine and nothing needed to be changed .

I was very upset at my mom for making us move to a place that was nothing like my old neighborhood. School began not to long after we moved, which did not give any time to make neighborhood friends . School brought back  a lot of memories . I have always hated the thought of school or any thing about it i wouldn’t even want to have nothing to do with it . i think its the main reason why we moved .The first week of school felt weird because it was just plainly nothing like my old school.

In my old school i was just one of the children teachers hated, i would never ever when i mean never do my work. There was just a lot of children fighting, Skipping classes  and doing things in school that i’m pretty sure other schools don’t do. When i first walked in it felt like this school was more like a actual school . there was no kids trying to skipp, children were actually doing their work and it was just something i ‘ve never seen .

After observing how every person felt  about school and  getting there work done , A month in school goes by and i say to myself i want to change the way i feel about school.Every night i make sure i have done all my homework and work that had to be turned in for a grade the next day. Seeing My grades go from E’s TO A’s and B’s was something i would never ever feel was going to happen. Not even my  own parents and old friends would think i would maintain those grades .I started making new friends and felt even more comfortable.

After that everything became normal . i forgot about how much i missed my best friend and started enjoying my new life .Now i’m glad we moved here .

Now i realize it was one of the best thing that happened to me . I still miss my old friends , but i know that moving was the right thing to do because i would have never realized that change sometimes is  for the good . I didn’t want to move because i was scared of change.

Now that i look back  i know change was for the best. If we would have never moved  here , i would have missed out on changing the way i thought about school and how serious it is now  to me.


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