Essay The reason this point is important

Essay title: No B.

S. Direct Marketing

The first key point is about outrageous advertising and how it can turn ordinary retail stores into super-profitable marketing business by Bill Glazer.Three famous examples of outrageous advertising by Mr.

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Glazer would be his prerecorded message over 10,000 customers’ home answering machines from an Elvis impersonator, mailing out a diner placemat, or sending a five-page, “handwritten” sales letter on yellow legal pad paper. The reason this point is important to me is because my understanding about business is professionalism. “Act professional, look profession, and keep everything looking professional.” This is all I have been hearing in school and at home. I believe these are definitely true, but clutter is arise and looking different is the only way to break through.

If I am to receive this advertise in the mail, I would just through it away. If I receive a letter that appears like a friend had sent me something, I would opening and read it. Apply this to my future business will definitely impact customer feedback greatly. This would be one of my mail campaigns.

A description of this campaign would be a written yellow notepad paper advertisement stuffed in an ordinary envelope that appears like I wrote it myself. Another key point is to find someone who is successful, who shares the same purposes, objectives, agenda, and pay great attention to what he does and how he does it. This may seem obvious when reading this statement, but Kennedy says, “99% of all businesspeople are operating as if ignorant of this obvious logic.” The reason why this is important to me is because.

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