NLM120 scared because I thought I will

NLM120 MCCRapanwinder Kaur Brring161323175SELF REFLECTION- Self-reflection is defined as careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs. (Merriam-Webster)Self-reflection according to CNO- “Reflection is a powerful skill that helps you to grow and learn. It is an intentional process of identifying your strengths, areas for improvement and learning needs.

“LOOK BACKDuring my second year clinical I was working in surgical ward of hospital. I had completed 3 weeks of clinical placement at the surgical ward and. I was there with my classmate to provide care patients. Then I met one patient who was diagnosed with diabetes. After this my nursing supervisor said that to take blood sample of patient. I was felt so nervous before taking the blood sample of patient. Due to my nervousness needle was pricked on my hand and I was so scared because I thought I will also suffering from diabetes. I have not too much knowledge about the disease condition so here my feeling was that I pricked with the needle and I will get disease.

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But it was wrong I pricked myself with sterile needle. So here I have issue with safety considerations among nursing students including me.ANALYSEHere I have safety consideration issue as safety is must among health team members. Because nowadays occupational health hazards are more common.

Moreover main concept of our theory is self care. This theory mainly emphasis on self care and do the activities of daily living. Sharp injuries: a cross-sectional study among health care workers in a provincial teaching hospital in china.Background: The objectives of this study are to investigate the incidence and reporting behavior of sharp injuries among healthcare workers (HCWs) and identify the risk factors associated with these injuries. Results: HCWs (27.5%) had sustained a sharp injury in the previous year. Factors including seniority, job category, title, education, department and training programs were associated with the occurrence of sharp injuries.

According to the stepwise logistical regression, seniority and training programs were the risk factors associated with the occurrence of sharp injuries. The main reasons for not reporting the sharp injuries were as- perception that the extent of the injury was light (30.2%) having antibodies (27.9%) and unaware of injury (16.3%)Conclusion: Sharp injuries in the studied hospital were common and were likely to be underreported.

Therefore, an effective reporting.Sharp injuries among Medical StudentsDescription: Sharp injuries threaten the health of healthcare employees. They cause the transmission of many diseases. The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of sharp injuries among the students of hormozgan University of Medical Sciences.

This cross- sectional study was conducted during 2012-2013 in hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, IR Iran. The collected data were entered into SPSS V.19 and analyzed using descriptive statistical tests. Among the studied students, 184 students (39.3%) had sharp injuries.

Occupational exposure to blood and body fluids among Turkish nursing students during clinical practice Frequency of needle stick/sharp injuries and hepatitis B immunization. Aim and objective: To describe the rate of needle stick/sharp injuries in nursing students to estimate the rate of vaccination administration and to define nursing students status using universal precautions for protecting from blood-borne infections. Design: This study was designed as a retrospective and descriptive survey. Methods: The frequency and mechanism of needle stick/sharp injuries and hepatitis B immunization were determined retro respectively by surveying students in three nursing schools. In November 2004, 473 students were questioned about needle stick/sharp injuries that they had sustained during their clinical practice and hepatitis B immunizations. Results: 49% of the students who responded sustained injuries; of these 74% were injured while on wards.

Conclusion: This study showed that nursing students frequently sustain needle stick/sharp injuries and hepatitis B immunization rate was low.In compare and contrast nursing students sometimes are not follow the universal precautions properly.NEW PERSPECTIVEAccording to analysis I learnt about the to maintain and follow the universal precautions and infection control measures. Next time I will be confident while providing care to patients because now I studied my Bachelor of Nursing. So that time I did not studied all subjects.

Now I think if we do not have enough knowledge we should ask from senior person who have knowledge regarding particular topic.CONCLUSIONThis self reflection is based on needle stick injuries among nursing students and research studies also shown about the prevalence of sharp injuries in students. Apart from this I learnt about how I can prevent myself from needle stick injuries.ReferencesCollege of Nurses of Ontario. Reflective Assessment.

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Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18(10), 1394-1403. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2008.02523.x


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