During goes through numerous experiences that are both

During the summer, I read a novel entitled Nilda written by Nicholasa Mohr.

I found the novel interesting and different from ordinary novels because Nilda had a different style of writing, a journal-like style. The story is mainly about the life a young Puerto Rican girl named Nilda during the years of World War II. Nilda goes through numerous experiences that are both good and catastrophic. From camp to miracles and new friends to losing loved ones, Nilda is a novel of surprises waiting to be uncovered. Nilda dwells in New York City’s Barrio. Her mother divorced with her first husband who was Nilda’s biological father, but she remarried shortly. Nilda’s mother passed away in May of 1945 and her stepfather died in December, 1943.

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Jimmy, Victor, Paul and Frankie are Nilda’s four brothers in order from oldest to youngest. Jimmy though doesn’t live with the family, instead, he quit high school and left. In May of 1943, Jimmy is arrested by the police and is sent to a federal penal institution for the rehabilitation of criminal drug addicts. Victor decides to join the army at around June of 1941 and Paul, Nilda’s favorite brother, volunteers for the Navy in 1943. Frankie, a member of the Lightnings club decides during 1945 to join the Air Force after completing his term in school.

Aunt Delia is an aunt who speaks of nothing but the gruesome events in the daily newspaper. Aunt Delia is to be taken care of by nuns when Nilda’s mother passes away. Nilda’s friends in the Barrio are Benji, Petra, and Sylvia. Benji is a boy one year younger than Nilda. Petra, a girl Nilda’s age is Nilda’s best friend until she becomes Indio’s boyfriend and gets pregnant. Sylvia is Nilda’s new best friend in the seventh grade. At Bard Manor Camp for Girls, Nilda becomes Josie and Stella’s friend.

In August of 1941, Nilda is off to Catholic camp, but longs to go home. On the first night, she prays for a miracle, so that she would be sent home. The following day, her wish comes true.

School started in September and in October, Nilda’s stepfather undergoes a heart attack, but survives.Then in November, Sophie, a pregnant girl whose baby belongs to Jimmy shows up after getting kicked out of her home for pregnancy. Nilda’s mother, Mrs. Ramirez accepts Sophie. In late January of 1942, Sophie leaves with James Ortega Junior, the infant who was given birth to in late November of 1941 when Jimmy picks them up. In July, Nilda is off to the all girls’ camp where she meets Josie and Stella. Five months later, Nilda’s stepfather passes away.

Her mother keeps her home from school so that Nilda can accompany her.

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