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Nick RevolinskiMs.

WallaceAP US GovernmentAugust 31 2017″Will North Korea make missiles over Japan the new normal?”The Washington Post, August 30, 2017The North Korea situation is continuing to remain on or near the front page of any newspaper or news website, with constant threats coming from the restless nation followed by missile tests more advanced with every demonstration. North Korea’s most recent stunt was a missile launch over Japan, stunning the inhabitants and striking fear in those living in or in nations surrounding North Korea. The Article covers that North Korea’s goal is to make such tests a norm and use the Pacific Ocean as its own ballistic missile training ground. Such tests have been predicted to be the next step in Kim’s overall plan to develop reliable intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach deep into the US mainland.

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Earlier in the month North Korea threated to fire the same type of missile that went over Japan, near areas around Guam. The article also cited that missile tests from North Korea are becoming more advanced and more frequent, while the major international community are doing less and less to do something about it, causing it to become a normal occurance. The article also explains that most experts state that North Korea will most likely continue their pace of weapons tests until they have perfected intercontinental ballistic missile technology. Until then the United states will have trouble inciting any interest to engage in serious talks with Kim. It is said that once North Korea has a real nuclear detterent against the US it will demand an end certain drills taking place in South Korea as well as a withdrawal of US troops along the boarder. Moratorium – a temporary prohibition of an activity.Ballistic Missile – a missile with a high, arching trajectory, that is initially powered and guided but falls under gravity onto its target.Retaliation – The action of returning a military counterattackGuam – Guam is a U.

S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. It’s distinguished by tropical beaches, Chamorro villages and ancient latte-stone pillars. Guam’s WWII significance is on view at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, whose sites include Asan Beach, a former battlefield.

The island’s Spanish colonial heritage is evident in Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, atop a bluff in Umatac.This article does not appear to be biased because it is reporting directly from information coming from experts along with various sources about past North Korean missile tests and current information. The information in this article can relate to current topics we are learning about because to the sharp contrast between the type of government in the US and North Korea.


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