Nicholas Carr wrote the article called “Is

Nicholas Carr wrote the article called “Is google making Us stupid” and explains how the Internet has made our lives much easier since it provides knowledge and information in a matter of seconds while on the other hand it is influencing the way we think, read, and write. In the beginning of the article, Nicholas Carr talks about how his reading skills has gotten so poorly due to scrolling and spending most of his time online.

Carr admits how he had a difficult time reading because his mind gets preoccupied quickly and began to do something else. Carr also states how he does not feel connected and struggles to focus and comprehend what he’s reading. Although, the Internet is a beneficial tool, he still feels that it is affecting the way he retains knowledge. Carr mentions how the two bloggers also struggles on reading and emphasizing long pieces of writing as well as how the Internet has played a big role changing the way they think and read. There is some truth to the argument, that Internet is affecting our lives in a negative way.

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In this generation, we mostly use our cellphones to text and do more reading than when television was our only choice. Maryanne Wolf, a developmental psychologist, says that we are slowly losing and enfeebling the kind of deep reading that the printing press has started because Internet basically feeds the information to us. Wolf also explains that even though, our language is an instinctive skill we still need to learn how to read and write. Lewis Mumford express how the invention of clock


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