Next, it to more writing assignments in

Next, the question of how will writing be applied or helpful in other situations and in health care seems redundant.

Every course asks this question and I mostly give the same answer every time. With my new definition of writing, I can use feedback and apply it to more writing assignments in the future. So far into my college education, I got feedback on most of my assignments from professors and have used it. Receiving feedback is already part of my work plan and strategy for improving my writing. My previous professors have provided both positives and negatives on my writing. With this I am pleased with the positives, and if there is a negative I act on it and take it seriously. I never want to feel like I am doing an assignment wrong. I get anxious about the grade I get and the quality of work.

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In the career of a health care professional, research and charting could be done and this requires writing. It is crucial to present this information as simply and clearly as possible. For example, when doing research, it is important that there is evidence to support it. There must be a good research question, appropriate research design, methods, qualified researchers, and data collection and analysis.

All of this includes writing and recording. For charting, health care professionals will need to write down a patient’s medical record. If writing is not done effectively, then it shows as if the health professional does not care. Health professionals would need to write down times the patient enters, the medications they were given, the tests that were administered, and any patient notes or medical history.

Doing this kind of writing would need to be thorough and accurate.


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