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New Zealand is geographically long and narrow country with 268,000 square kilometers of land area. Before the arrival of Europeans to New Zealand, mostly river rafts along the coast line and rivers were used for transportation. After the Europeans mapped the entire coast line, trade commenced with metals, weapons, European food and other goods for timber, artifacts and the fresh spring water. WikipediaEventually New Zealand is highly reliable on international trade in precise to agricultural products. Farming is the third largest sector in the country after manufacturing in the second place and service sector leading in the top. WikipediaNew Zealand transport sector constitutes 94000 square kilometers of roads which comprises of 199 kilometers of motor ways and 4128 kilometers of railway lines.

Cars dominate the means of transport while public transports also connects every corner of the country, and has six international airports, but where only Auckland airport and Christchurch airport has direct connection to others countries expect Australia and Fiji. Wikipedia The New Zealand transport department includes the Minister of Transport the Associate Minister and four crown entities including the three state owned enterprises adjoining the local government and the New Zealand police. The ministry of transport advices the government and its entities on the setting of policies and the achievement of the policies and develops rules and regulations to draft the policies in the parliament to implement it. The relation with the international countries and the transport agreement with them are also managed by the ministry of transport. There are four crown entities which includes the Aviation security service/ Civil Aviation Authority, New Zealand Transport agency, maritime New Zealand, Transport Accident investigation commission.

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The Aviation Security Service, over sees the security operations involved in domestic and international Air standards including the screening of bags and passengers along with the airport security While the Civil Aviation Authority audits and directs the security standards and also investigates the air traffic and accidents and endorses aviation security and personal securityThe civil aviation authority consists of five board’s members who are appointed by the Minister of Transport and the board appoints a Director of civil aviation and authority and power are given to the person. The CAA has two major roles in relevance to certification and security which are, by controlling entry into the domestic aviation system, and providing conditions in airports and to take any action in the public interest, including the provisions of the Act, the rules under the Act, trial and surveillanceThere are specified mentionable groups in reference to the CAA, which are regulated by the guide lines of Civil Aviation industry• The airline is responsible for overseeing operations for operations, maintenance, training, design, production and delivery of aircraft operators with over 5700kg or more than 10 or more passenger seats.• The general aviation is responsible for the operations and activities of all aircrafts weighing within 5700kg or within 9 passengers inclusive of the helicopter, balloon services, agricultural and all sports and entertainment aviation operators • While the personal aviation services group is responsible for examination of the license for pilots, maintenance engineers , air traffic controllers, flight engineers, and flight examiners • And the Aviation services is responsible to control and govern the aerodromes, aviation security, meter logical services and handling dangerous goodsThese groups are else otherwise known to be the operational groups of the CAA There are almost 178 organizations holding air operations certificate in which organizations which hold certificates for large and medium airlines are 19 which are overseen by the airline group, while the rest are overseen by the general aviation group Safety monitoring is done by Civil aviation by Setting the minimum standards of safety behavior by rules and putting conditions on air documents, The requirements of certification and their documents (certification) allow the operators to enter the domestic air system with the ability to meet the minimum standards required, The operators provide information and advice to help in accordance with the rules. These participants have to take action to ensure that the monitoring operator monitors the security standards and their air documents and ensures that it is compatible with security participants, and In case of emergency in the security situation, imposing, stopping or canceling the terms of the aircraft document issued to the Operation. The airports in New Zealand has police and army forces in airport to undergo screening and ensure safety for the passengers.

AVSEC guides you with the items that can be carried in airlineFor Example the Aviation Security service has advised that Sikhs travelling in airlines within New Zealand and Departing from New Zealand can carry a Kirpan not exceeding Six centimeters Second crown entity being the New Zealand Transport Agency whose important role would be to deliver the policies and operationalise the projects throughout the state highway and administer land transport to land transport networks and impact strategic partnership with key stake holders. The NZTA is accountable to the minister of transport unless it is for certain functions it has to coordinate with the ministry and is accountable to them for example the formulation of rules The NZTA always leads on operational conveyance and business forms, and guarantee an attention on esteem for cash for clients and partners, propose to the Ministry — and the Minister where fitting — changes and changes to the administrative condition that will bring about moved forward levels of administration and additionally the cost adequacy of the NZTA’s business tasks.

Survey expenses and charges for its operational exercises in accordance with government arrangement rules, and propose changes to the Minister where fitting. Draw in with the Ministry where there are government arrangement suggestions and additionally possession intrigues that emerge from the NZTA’s activities and capacities. Lead segment engagement on issues focused on operational conveyance that concern the arranging and financing of land transport systems, State expressway activities, and the conveyance of capacities identified with the entrance and utilization of land transport systems.


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