Never settled. The powerful blizzard was threatening to

            Never Alone inserts you into thelife of a young Inupiaq young girl named Nuna who was living in a peaceful areain Alaska with her family.

This specific place where Nuna and her family resideis thriving with life, but one day a deadly blizzard approaches the land where hercommunity was settled. The powerful blizzard was threatening to destroy everysingle thing and life in its way. So, then Nuna decides to go on a journey tostop this powerful force that is a threat to her land and it is slowly causing agreat amount of damage. The game, which is inspired by a native lore ‘kunuuksaayuka’,is told through an expert storyteller who narrates Nuna and her companion thefox’s journey. With the use of Inupiaq language, the game keeps the originalessence of the traditional lore, as it allows for an all-encompassing narrativeexperience. Never Alone shows us a new way of passing along traditions throughunconventional storytelling from one generation through another.

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            The elders in this culture are veryimportant they play one of the biggest roles. As, they are the ones who tellthe stories, and who prepare the younger generations for survival in thisworld. Their role is not just symbolic or religious. The elder’s role is toteach survival skills using fables reworked through thousands of years of oraltraditions. The elderly are incredibly respected members of the society as theyare the ones who hold the most knowledge and wisdom.            One of my favorite parts of the gamewere the helping spirts as they are the most ethereal part of Never Alone. Withthe aid of the fox the spirits appear at random along the way helping Nunathrough the challenging journey.

While making the impossible possible, andbreathing a beautiful envisioned life into an already breathtaking artic. TheInupiaq culture is seen as an incredibly spiritual way of life. Everythingexists to coexist as everything is connected in some way. Showing up as faintwhispers, some spirits take a more ethereal appearance, while others look morehuman like. It does not only portray a beautiful traditional narrative element,but it serves as a unique element of gameplay.             Never Alone is not just about oneperson in specific, instead the story is linked to a warning of the enigmatic dangersof the Artic and to an explanation of the natural world. This narrative ispassed on from generation to generation, old to young as it explains how theworld functions, and how we can cope with it. By understanding this approach allowsyou to get a better understanding of the story being told in this game.

TheInupiaq culture mentions sila meaning the weather, atmosphere, it is alife-giving element that contains a spirit just like humans as it makes thegame stand as just that. Never Alone is a game breathering life into a dusty genre,as it allows us to connect with a culture that is not our own when playing thegame.


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