Network network devices with secure configurations. 2.

  Networkconfiguration policy       Standart: ISO/IEC 27002 Authors: L. Jonikas, R. Garnys, A. Kazlauskas, R. Lazauskas Organisation: The Best Education Inc. Version: 1.0 Date:  22.

01.2018                  Contents   1. Purpose. 3 2. Scope. 3 3. Policy. 3 4.

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Responsobilities. 5 5. Policy Compliance. 5 5.1 Actions to ensure policy compliance. 5 5.

2 Exceptions to policy. 5 5.3 Results of not following this network policy. 5 6. References: 6              1.Purpose   Protect stored data andIT systems on the best education inc. network by ensuring safe and fastoperationality of network devices with secure configurations.

 2.Scope  This policy applies toall the best education inc. information systems and all network devices:Desktops, routers, servers, switches, etc. 3.Policy  All information systemsthat sends, receives or stores the best education inc. data must be configurated  by standard set by network configurationpolicy. Software based entities, like web servers or databases should havetheir own standard configuration managed by people responsible for softwaremanagement.

 All routers should  follow these network configuration standards: 1. All passwords that areused to configure routers should be encrypted by SSH protocol. 2.  The following services should be disabled byaccess control lists:XXX  3. The following servicesmust be configured:XXX 4. Most network devicesshould receive constant updates to ensure that there is no software based securityweaknesses.  5.

In every router usershould be greeted with by following statement: “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESSTO THIS NETWORK DEVICE IS PROHIBITED. You must have explicit permission toaccess or configure this device. All activities performed on this device may belogged, and violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, andmay be reported to law enforcement. There is no right to privacy on thisdevice.

Use of this system shall constitute consent to monitoring.”(Consensus Policy Resource Community 2014) 6. All network devices shoulduse static routing. 4.Responsibilities  Computer networkadministrator is responsible for insuring that all network devices arefollowing this policy. It is required to test security of all network devicesevery year, to guarantee that computer network is secure. 5.

Policy Compliance  5.1 Actions to ensurepolicy compliance The best education administrators will make sure that standards of this policy are beingfollowed by monitoring network devices and employees. 5.2 Exceptions to policy Some standards of thispolicy may be avoided, but only with the best education inc. networkadministrator permission.

5.3 Results of not following this networkpolicy Employee that is notfollowing this network policy may receive disciplinary action against him, oreven lose his job. 6.References: 1.

Consensus Policy ResourceCommunity, Router and Switch Security Policy, 2014. Available from:.22January 2018.     


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