Netflix Case Analysis essay

Positioning Segmentation: Nettling is very dynamic and constantly changing in response to changes in technology and consumer behavior. Nettling had 36. 7 million active subscribers recorded as of June 2013 with age range from 18 years of age to 59. They spend 2 billion hours watching streamed video on hi-speed internet.There are multiple ways of segmenting the market in the video streaming industry but due to highly diverse nature of the customers who varies in age, income, geographic areas, education levels, and watching preferences vary tit time, mood, beliefs, company etc. None of the segmentation will be totally Homogeneous within, Heterogeneous across, Measurable, Substantial, Accessible, Differentiable, Actionable and most of all Profitable. (Otto, 2014) Competition: Nineteen’s two product lines; video streaming and DVD by mail, each face a different group of competitors.

DVD by mail competitors are Blockbuster and Red-Box with market share of 16. 9% and 45. 5% respectively while Nettling has 24. 3%.

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Virtual rivals include Amazon, HOBO, Hull, Red-box Instant, X-finite, tunes, etc. Hull Plus and Amazon’s prime have managed to steal a good regenerate of customers from Nettling in the previous years. Other indirect competitors are providers of home entertainment like cable television, satellite services, other unofficial websites with movies, Youth etc. Otto, 2014) Positioning: Customers top priority is convenience, affordability, speed, personalization of the video streaming and high selection of titles. Nettling aims at being top and only choice for its customers by providing a more personalized, fast, convenient, high selection and yet affordable online streaming service than all the competitors. Additional Attempts must be made to research results deed to fully characterize the market. (Otto, 201 4) Endpoint recommendations: 1.

Increase the brand awareness to more broader and international markets 2. Highlight the competitive price and variety of content and the social media integration that Nettling offers compared to their competition by including these details in every message. 3.

Improving the instant streaming services in various aspects and find light weight processing/streaming options for developing international markets with lower bandwidth limits.

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