Nesa(2004)states .English has been identified as a lingua

Nesa(2004)statesthat” English is the lingua franca of business , commerce, industry andeconomic progress” .English has been identified as a lingua franca in today’sglobalized world. Lingua franca means a language that has been chosen as acommon language between people who has different native languages. .

Yorke (2006) defines employability as a “multifarious characteristicof a person, a set of abilities, knowledge and personal attributes that make anindividual more likely to secure and be prosperous in their chosen occupationsto the benefit of themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy”. Therefore it is important for graduates be well competency  in English in order to build up theiremployment opportunities, ability to communicate with foreigners, travel todifferent  countries , be able to use andcommunicate through the internet and thereby widen their prosper in theirfuture lives and bring strengthen to their lives. Competency in English willsurely build up employability by increasing basic abilities to get, keep and dowell in the job. English can be named as the language ofthe result of this, graduates whose fluent in English, especially forthose on the threshold of employment can get a great opportunity to have asuitable occupation. Skapinker (2007) emphasized that “It is not just thatMicrosoft, Google and Vodafone conduct their business in English; it is thelanguage in which Chinese speak to Brazilians and Germans to Indonesians”.

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Nowadays many companies are searching multi-nationally; English has beenexalted to the place of ordinary corporate language in order to bring about aneconomic integration and a closer networking in the business environment.Therefore a good English competency will give the opportunity for graduate employabilityand prepare suitable graduate performance in the service sector.At the present, there is a required for English medium education system atprimary, secondary and university sectors in Sri Lanka. The national policyframe work on  National Education Commission(2009) admit  the point that it wasimportant  to create  the English medium education in primary,secondary and government  universitieswhere teaching English requires being well-versed in the four skills  reading, writing, listening and speaking.Although, this has encountered problems due to the facts that there is lack ofwell-trained instructors in English in Sri Lankan education system, thereforeproblem of increasing the English proficiency remains unsolved  and also the necessary of having quality assurance for Sri Lankan English degreeprograms has been stressed mainly due the point of employability of graduates. Thereis an obvious argument that degree programs in English language are poor inrelevancy and quality, which is the key for the higher increase of unemploymentamong the graduates.  As a solution for these encounteredproblems, government education sectors need to put their effort to build up thequality of English degree programs and facilitate the institutions of Englishtrain instructors, such as introduce new syllabuses, teach them new teaching methods,train them with skillful other instructors and further discussions from theirsectors and try to find the right answers       


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