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The tangible cost of employees’ deficient writing skills are: image degradation for the employees and employers; (b) negative impact on productivity when employees must reread poorly written material to cipher the meaning; (c) the outcome when an incorrect decision is made because Of poor or ineffectively written material. NC (2004) Employers are left with the tedious tasks of hiring college graduates demonstrating the writing skills needed to articulate to upper management; clients or stake holders.

There is a lack of the basics in spelling, grammar and sentence structure. We find students completing their course studies and graduating without the knowledge needed to carry out said functions. This academic deficiency can also be as a result of social media. In general, people tend to migrate the use Of acronyms that are normally portrayed in dialogues on Faceable and Twitter pages.

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Including such language into their business communication, has evaded the correct use of words and the role of grammar instructions. Sam (2003) indicated that the grammar-in-context approach has an inherent flaw because it treats grammar as an isolated set of rules. It ignores the context from which the rules derive from the language itself. Students have no knowledge about grammar, vocabulary, concepts, context and no means for understanding the coacher’s explanation of rules or their application. P. 63). There are many different approaches; however, we need to effectuate the ability to learn grammar skills early. It would reinforce the necessary skills throughout a person’s formative years.

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