Nazi Regime Essay essay

Women in the Nazi regime weren’t permitted to have specialist-type careers and instead were encouraged to stay at home and take care of the family.

With the propaganda of the photo of a blonde Aryan child with its family, German families were highly encouraged to have at least 4 children and those who did would have a decrease on gas and electricity bills. Thereby the Nazis banned abortion and even went as far as legalizing birth outside of marriage if proceed in a legal method.Although women were not mistreated, the Nazis changed the ideal ND role of women that helped them increase the population and develop the nation. Children from early stages were educated within the Nazism format, affecting the way they think, see and learn, Hitler strongly supported the idea of a powerful army consisting of healthy strong men as seen from the events of “night of the long knives” where he had gained the armies trust and established a system known as the “Hitler youth”.

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The camps purpose was to strengthen up Aryan boys so they can later be a use to the army.It ranged room various activities, teaching younger boys boxing for hand to hand combat and weaponry control for the older boys. These camps brought an increase in the army however it was not supposed by all men, some refusing to enter the camp. Classes were sometimes split gender wise, teaching girls the idea of motherhood and boys to march and instruments such as trumpets and drums.

The constriction of these Aryan children did lead to a much more powerful nation but closed up their perspective of the world, believing in the nationalism expressed by the Nazis.Acculturating, translated into coordination was the key ideology of Nazi Germany where they believe in Germany being the most superior nation in the world, relating to all the minor ideologies. The Nazis before they rose to power had always supported anti-Semitic beliefs and when Hitler gained his seat as the Fuehrer, the conditions for the Jewish community worsened each year. In 1935, a series of anti-Semitic laws known as the “Numerous Laws’ were introduced.This included the “Law Of child protection” where they insider an Aryan to marry a Jew as a taboo and the born child will no longer be considered German.

Not only Jews were constrained from marriage but those with diseases and disability were forbidden to give birth as well due to Hitter’s strong beliefs in Social Darwinism theory of natural selection where they only sought for pure Aryan Children. School taught in an anti- Semitic approach, with textbooks asking questions relating to murdering a Jew and Jewish children treated as a main target for bullying.

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