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There has a really Chinese story, it is a simper example, in the ancient of China, has a person, he’s name is Young Gong, his parents is farmer so he can’t pay cost for learning, but he has gift, when he 5 years old, he write a poetry and many educators come here check the news is really or lie, they give Young Gong a topic. YES can immediately complete and the poetry is perfect. His father think YES gift is business, take YES go to anywhere, don’t allow YES study. 7 years later, he lose his gift, when YES 20 years old, he just a generally people.This story tells me, not only genes determine our behavior and personality, and has envier. Factors.

Firstly, I’ll report on the article ‘Nature/Nurture: An Artificial Division’ by Kimberly J. Allen. After that, I’ll offer some of my own ideas about whether not only genes determine our behavior and personality. Will argue that the environment influence genes and finally, I’ll conclude today’s seminar with a discussion using some of the questions I’ve prepared for you here K. So let’s begin with Allen article, he say environment influence genes. Firstly, Allen states that good diet can impact genes.For example, height is combination of people genes and various external factors, we can drink milk provide bonus nutrition, so good diet has given our ‘bonus’ inch or so. Now according to Allen, Environment factors produce different phenotypes from similar genotypes.

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Rats live in different environment has different effect, such as neural connections (new idea). It mean that live in spacious cages and carried diets growth better than live in dark and dirty cages grow. In addition, envier. Influx. Development and play a role or not its genes are passed on.

It mean that not only genes determine our behavior and personality, envier. And genes work together. Like people seek other humans to live with. No one want to get alone and depressed. Moreover, such as like and dislike, are your genes tell you? I don’t think so, I think this behavior set up you daily life and combination of your genes. (+ new idea) There has a more complication example, wild dogs.

They live in packs because their genes tell them to organize that way socially. However, the pack is also where each dog learns proper dog behavior, practices the skill to survive and ultimately finds a mate.Right, so that’s what the authors of this week’s readings have to say on the topic. Now let’s move on to the third part Of the seminar. Do genes determine our behavior and personality? Well, think it’s difficult to place all the reason on the genes. It appears that there is no evidence to suggest that the just genes determine people behavior and personality. Allen states that genes can impact envier. However envier.

Can Influx genes. Not only genes determine our behavior and personality. As stated in Allen’s article, we can see that in generally, genes and envier. Ark together.

So, to conclude, you can see that in the first article, there is evidence to support the view that not only genes determine our behavior and personality. Furthermore, envier. Influx. Genes. For good diet and envier. Factors produce dif.

Phenotype from similar genotypes. Moreover, envier. And genes work together as play a role or not its genes are passed on.

Thus, genes Influx. envier. With lead to behavior that wild dogs. K, so let’s move on to the discussion Lets begin with the first question . . And if so .

In what ways? .Can you give some examples?

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