Natural of the most alarming problems of

Natural resources are materials that is formed naturally without actions from humanity. They are made up of renewable and non-renewable resources. The depletion of either of these natural resources is due to the resources being used up faster than it is replenished and this is done largely by Man. There are many resources that are being depleted including, minerals, oil, forests, wetlands, water, wildlife.With the increasing population of humankind, Earth’s current resources is definitely not sufficient for us to sustain in the long run. Yearly, 55 billion tons of of fossil energy, biomass, minerals and metal are being extracted from our Earth, and it only goes up every year.

(The World Counts, 2018). Humanity, has are using up multiple times the volume of resources the Earth needs to continue being sustainable. The depletion of natural resources is this one of the most alarming problems of the world to date. Among the natural resources that are being used up faster than we can replenish, the two fastest ones are water and fossil fuels.

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