Essay and dirt around for the rats

Essay title: Native Son

The community in which Bigger Thomas lives in is a neighborhood of just African Americans. It is considered the poorest part of the entire town. The community itself is very suffocating and unbearable to live in for permanent times.

Bigger, his mother "ma", his sister Vera, and his brother Buddy, all live in "a tiny, one-room apartment" (4). In such a small space there is barely any privacy; "rooms" are separated by curtains. For example, when the mother went to go cook dinner for the family she "went behind the curtain to the gas stove" (9). No matter how hard they tried to gain privacy, it was almost impossible because of such a small apartment.

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Not only is the space excruciating, but the environment is also unbearable. The neighborhood in which they live in is not hygienic. At the start of the novel, the family encounters "a huge black rat" in the apartment (5). Thus, the environment is obviously unsanitary.

To have foot long rats running around implies that there is a lot of garbage and dirt around for the rats to feed off of. Nevertheless, this is the living conditions in which Bigger and his family must deal with because of society and the way blacks are made to feel inferior. On the other hand, there is the Dalton family; a wealthy white family who lives an opposite lifestyle in contrast to the Thomas family.

The Daltons are millionaires who own part of the South Side Real Estate Company. The South Side Real Estate Company is the company that owns the Thomas's building.

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