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National College Of Business Administration & Economics Multan Student : Rehan AhmadNote to Coin Convertor Using Digital Image ProcessingAbstract: – Need of coins in our daily negotiation is expanding, we have to go through different social areas or even commonly places we do not find the change of money. So we think to create a transfer machine that give us coins in place of notes. There are many ways to spot the money notes, we are taking fake money detection and digital image processing.

A person will position the note and by using the digital Image Processing the money notes are recognize. With the help of MATLAB algorithm to spot the value of notes we apply copy note spotting unit with the help of UV LED and photodiode.1.IntroductionAt this time the coin change method is used by money countries but few people know about this technique and very little banks have this availability and not even at public places where we need that more.

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So our objective is to apply such type of system which are lighter and smaller in size and do not require any kind of management to control it. The main idea of the task to pinpoint which note is in the machine and by using digital image processing we are able to find that which is fake or which one is real. If the note is not fake the camera will takes its picture and identify its values with image processing technique and after that as stated by its value it gives the equal amount of coins, for spotting the note the MATLAB algorithm rush and the result is given to the controller which will operate the coins box through relays and motors, the end user directly force the keypad for which kind of change he need either one rupee or two rupee coins, so accordingly to this out-turn user will gets the coins as per requirements.2.System Architecture 2.

1 Note Placing Units: -The note is set at the right position in the unit and the web camera takes the picture of the money note and after that this picture is sent to the image processing for copy note identification. There should be nothing written on the note and should not be folded.2.

2 Image Processing Unit: -In image processing there are different controllers are used that are Robert, Sobel, Prewitt, Canny operators, these are boundary detection or identification methods. At present the Canny edge detector is the most famous and best edge detector. Canny edge detector uses multi stage algorithm to identify a large amount of boundaries of images and it need very little part of RAM to execute in the memory.

2.3 Segmentation Algorithm: – Image segmentation is the procedure of dividing a digital image into set of pixels. The image segmentation is commonly used to find objects and edges in images. If the objects have enough similarities with the background, then it is very easy to identify an image. The object that is subdivided differs in contrast from the background image.

Any differentiation in the contrast is identified by the operators that are used measure the gradient of image, the gradient image can be measured and entrance is given to develop a binary mask that contains segmented cell.The threshold function depends on the clip level which turns a gray scale image into binary image. The threshold function has values that allows 200 to 255 pixel’s values to pass behind the black background, so that the ‘0’ black value is not passed and other values which are white is passed.2.3 Viola-Jones Algorithm: -The object identification environment is the first object identification environment which provides us as good as object identification rates in real-time proposed in 2001 by Paul Viola and Michael Jones.

In spite of it is trained to identification the variance of object classes, it was first generated by the issue of face detection.The issue which is solved to identify faces in an image. A human is natural to do this very easily, but a computer requires exact commands and controls to make the procedure more manageable, Viola-Jones needs complete view frontal upright faces. Therefore, in order of identification the full face is towards the camera and it should not be titled to other side. While it looks like the restraints could decline the algorithm utility somewhat, because the identification method usually follows the recognition step, in practice these constraints on problem are quite acceptable.

The features of Viola-Jones algorithm that makes it a better detection or identification algorithm are:Robust-Very high identification rate ; very low false-positive rate always.Real Time-For actual request at least 2 frames/second must be deal with.Face detection only (not recognition). The aim is to recognize faces from non-faces (detection is the initial stage in the recognition procedure).

2.4 Coin Dispatching: – MATLAB detect the money notes and allocate a variable and the value of the note. The end user types the number of coins he wants with the help of keypad.

The whole value of change is contrast with the present value and it is exact the signal is sent to the microcontroller through the serial port. For every set of a coin motor is used, as per user requirement the user select the number of coins with attached motor that rotates for a contrast time to place a single coin, therefore N time number of coins the motor is revolve for N times for a particular duration. 3.

Hardware Description3.1 Arduino Uno: – The Arduino Uno is a device controller which found on the ATmega328. The Arduino Uno have 14 digital input/output pins in which 6 as used as PWM outputs, 6 analog inputs an 16 MHZ crystal, oscillator, a USB link, a power jack, a ICSP header and a rest option. It holds everything which is required to support the device to control. The Arduino Uno is different from all previous boards because is does not use the FIDI.

3.2 Relay Module: – Relay module is electrically controlled operated switch that allows to turn On and Off a circuit with the help of voltage and/or current much higher then device controller to handle. There is no relation developed between the low voltage circuit. In this module every channel has three links named NC (Normally Closed), NO (Normally Open) and COM (Common).

If the relay contacted is NO, there will be open contact when the relay is not activate. And if the relay contact is NC, there is an closed contact when the relay is not activated.3.3 DC Motor: -A DC Motor is a spinning electric machine that transform DC electric energy into mechanical energy.

All DC Motors have some interior tool which is electro-mechanical or electronic, regular change the way of current movement in all parts of motor. The rate of speed of motor is controlled over a wide range of variable supply voltage or changing strength of current in its field windings.3.4 Flow Chart: – 4. ConclusionWe are creating a user friendly system that produce money recognition system with the help of image processing and by using MATLAB.

In our daily routine life we are under go of the change of money at many social places, so this structure which is the real time approach for all social places.


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