Essay the British presence was omnipresent and the

Essay title: Nasser Book Report

A Report on a Previously Read Book Entitled:Nasser; The Last ArabWritten by Said K.

AburishI chose a book titled “Nasser; The Last Arab” written by Said K. Aburish. This book is a bibliography written about a former Egyptian president named Gamal Abdel Nasser. Many refer to Nasser as the most powerful and brilliant political leader who achieved unprecedented popularity in both Egypt and the Arab world. He was said to be the most influential leader of the Arab world. Nasser was born in Alexandria on January 15th, 1918 as the son of a postman.

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After his secondary schooling in Cairo, Egypt, he joined the Royal Military Academy. Later he would graduate the academy in 1938. Throughout his time in the Royal Military Academy Nasser started a secret revolutionary society called “The Free Officers.” At this point in time Egypt was ruled by a small landowning class that owned 30% of the land and totally consumed the parliament. At that time the British presence was omnipresent and the King Faruk I was described as anirresponsible philanderer. As the leader of the Free Officers, Nasser focused on getting rid of British rule, as well as the King of Egypt. Soon after on July 23, 1952 the Free Officers staged a maneuver to overthrow King Faruk.

Nasser at this point remained in the background, and was not very forthcoming with his involvement with the Free Officers. Said K. Aburishdoes a wonderful job of describing many important points in Nasser’s life, that in turn made him the leader he is thought of today. Aburish considered Nasser as the “towering Arab leader of the twentieth century.”He describes him as a pro-West Egyptian colonel since 1952, whom had a vast knowledge of the CIA and who would later would be involved in the clash between the West and theArabs.

He believes that what separated other leaders and Nasser, was the fact that other leaders were dependent upon Western support, and in turn disregarded their very own people. One of the most memorable happenings in Nasser’s time was the building of the Aswan Dam on the Nile River in Egypt. Nasser managed to build this important feature in spite of his extreme opposition to Israel, and outspoken aspersion to the Western civilization, which would have earned him the U.S. and European support for the dam.

Because of his actions towards the West, Nasser was forced to turn to the Soviets for aid. It is said that the Suez Canal was nationalized for the single purpose of raising enough capital to build the Aswan Dam. The soon to follow “Suez Crisis” was said to have propelled him to the front of the Arab Nationalist movement. Pan Arab unity was the most important theme in the Arab World from the late 1950’s to 1967.

At this time Nasser would become the main promoter and delegate. In 1958 the most important display of Pan-Arabism took place when Egypt and Syria united to form the

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