NameTutorCourseDateHome Confinement (SEC) program also referred to

NameTutorCourseDateHome ArrestConviction to a crime in any area in California leads to Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) program also referred to as home confinement, or house arrest.

For one to be eligible, they should; be a non-violent, low risk offender and not prohibited by the sentencing judge from such program. Should agree to SEC conditions as well have a telephone in their residence and should be compatible, such residence, whether permanent or temporary has to be within the county. In addition, they have to pay for home confinement privilege basing on their ability to do so.The central claim is therefore explicitly expressed as it is vividly spelt out there above. The undoubted evidence for those on SEC program is that; they have to be on ankle bracelet, to act as a monitoring device which should not be subjected to water.

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There are no water activities during confinement, such as bathing or swimming as one is only limited to showers. One frequently reports to a probation officer assigned to them at free will. Movement is limited and one has to stay at their homes during some hours of the day, and all the nights with exceptions. The argument is convincing and briefly outlines requirements in jail for one to be on SEC program. It is within the line and relies on the emotional, ethical and logical appeals since ones behavior is changed through conviction to a court of law, emotional and logical since it applies to humanity.

In case of any breach to the rule of law, one ought to be corrected per the morally, ethical and lawful agreed procedures. To understand this argument, one needs not to have the historical or cultural context in which it is written since it is entirely based on day to day happenings in man’s livelihood. That noted, one ought to ask themselves ;(a) the importance of SEC (b) why one has to hire a criminal lawyer if charged with a non-violent crime and (c) what the differences between the SEC program and the “in jail sentence” program are.


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