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Analysis of the poem “The Indian Serenade” by Percy Shelly
Percy Shelly in her poem “The Indian Serenade” has resorted to explore on the extravaganza of oriental love issues (Doko, 29). The poem purely discusses about love whereby the victim being ventured is seen to be bothered with a lot of dreams and uneasiness as a result of the emotions she has towards her lover who was sited in a distant place from her. From the first stanza, the use of angelic love words such as “In the first sweet sleep of night, When the winds are breathing low, And the stars are shining bright” these first words are a clear indication that the person in reference is fascinating in a love world.
Furthermore, there are expressions and movements such as “She awakens and follows her feet to her beloved’s window” is a clear indication that the poem is a love poem (Doko, 29). In addition, there are dramatic movements being portrayed by the lady who decided to wake up from a nice sleep and goes to his boyfriend’s place to seek love solace. This is described by her feelings that “She feels like a nightingale with a song to sing. She feels herself faint in the grass, calling out for her beloved to pull her up into his embrace” thus it brings the theme of love from the poem.

Analysis of the poem.

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The poem has employed several poetic structural techniques in order to pass out the poem theme (Müller, 63). First and foremost, the poem has been presented in a trancelike, charming rhythm and love lyrics which creates a more reluctant and loose pattern that generates a trochaic, anapestic and iambic stresses. This therefore brings a rhyme scheme that is somehow tight with a consistent ABCBADCD pattern in every stanza of the poem. The following are some of the devices being used in the poem.

The pot has employed the use of tension in order to bring the clear figure of the dreamland that the disturbed lady was living and the real world (Müller, 65). This tension illustrates the reality that any other person going through this art could be imagining about the girl’s scenario. The tension also elucidates the inner feelings of the girl and what it partakes in the real outside world to love and to be loved. The tension therefore serves to compliment and motivate the passion and dedication the girl had when she took on her feet the night journey to her lover’s place.

There are several forms of exaggeration being employed in the poem which is aimed to bring an additional flavor to the art (Baker, 46). The poet used phrases such as “I die! I faint! I fail!” to show how the girl was resourcefully feeling in the love pleasure she received from her lover. This exaggeration also illustrates how the girl was being overwhelmed by emotions which overcome her body.

The poem has employed a mixture of sensuous and rapturous aestheticism with transcendental emotions to illustrate further how love was dominating her heart (Baker, 46). The use of the following phrases “I die! I faint! I fail!” in the third stanza helps creates an aesthetic realm which agitates the real feeling of the even.
In connection to the real-life situations, the theme of the poem is real in accordance to the kind of things people do in the name of love. The girl wakes up in the middle of the night and takes a walk courageously to her boyfriend’s place just to quench the love desires of her heart. Love situations are always daring and entails a lot of commitment that no one can employ the same into personal developments with ease.
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