Name: there huge variety of services they bring


Donnie Sanders
Selected (Jeep Cherokee, Amazon, or Google):


1. Target Customers/Users

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Who are the target
customers for the company/brand?

Amazon has one of if not the highest target audience in the
market for there huge variety of services they bring to the table that “all
ages” can use, Men and women can use, easy to use for older and younger ages.
Its really a hard tell sign if even have one anymore.


How could/does the
company reach its customers/users? What methods and media might and/or does the
company use to reach the customers/users?

The Amazon name itself is a selling brand that most
Americans know by now when heard but it has selling points using media tricks
from adds on YouTube, commercials on television, post boards when you drive by,


What would grab the
customers/users’ attention? Define the customers/users according to their demographics
and psychographic information (e.g., age, gender, income, education, lifestyle,
values, etc). How do they want to be perceived?

In this generation its all about grabbing the customers
attention as quickly and as exciting as possible. As customers who has a short
memory span especially if its not an eye catcher. For the younger generation
its goes to something like YouTube videos or Facebook, for its social media
capabilities, friends from school or the neighborhood, for parents it’s through
their kids in different forms either new parents and needed cheap diaper wears
or other needs. Or older generation where they use their children or
grandchildren to reach out to them and when they get hooked they get appealed
to everything that’s before them especially if that individual is financially
wealthier than average.


What do these target
customers’ value?

Amazon offer easy to offer prices, Fast delivery, with a
purchase every month to upgrade your account to prime, “which I have my own
that I can say wholeheartedly that I am not only grateful but satisfied”.


2. Competitors

Who are the brand’s competitors?

Ever since the day Amazon was made on July 5th, 1994 Amazon
became the number #1 for “Online purchases” for goods and nearly anything
anyone could ask for, even coffins. But there are those who claim to be
competitors in their own respect. The first that is most obvious is its lesser
counterpart such as Ebay which was founded a year later on September 5th,
1995. Coincidence?” In the year 2000 Walmart made there own online shopping
experience, And other stores that’s not online but tries to keep up with Amazon
like Dollar Tree, Target, Sears even though their demographic marketing is
mainly for clothing and easy to pick up objects. And Best Buy, Radio Shack, and


What product category
does the brand fit into?

Amazon has multiple layers this fits into. Through personal
experiences with Amazon its absolutely convenient, The Prices are remarkable
while other online or physical markets are far more expensive then what Amazon


What frame of reference
will customers use in making a choice to use/purchase this brand/service? What
other brands/companies might customers compare this brand to?

Insert response


3. USP (Unique
Selling Proposition)

How is this
brand/company better than its competitors? What is the brand’s USP (Unique
Selling Proposition?

Amazon has used the feedbacks and commentary from its
customers very seriously and used it as its main weapon for success. Found
criticism of there mistakes and found there means to an end for better works.
Whenever amazon came up short from its upbringing


What is the brand’s

Amazon Uniqueness comes from the ability to continue to
grow its company in tremendous proportions while studying from its
“competition” and make changes or similar works that can keep up with its
current generation that lays before it. From high demands that stem from
customers that honestly, get lazier by each generation that looks for easier
ways to get things easier it keeps up with those kinds of people and more to
stay on top and beloved from its community

What is the competitive
advantage of the brand? How is it different from other competing brands?

With Amazon release of Amazon Prime, customers can get
cheaper prices, cheaper than an average customer, early access deals, exclusive
amazon movies, unlimited reading two day-same day shipping, even Amazon Unlimited
Music, even for the gamers there is the mergence with Twitch called Twitch Prime
Where u can get discounts on upcoming games, access to exclusive access to free
game content.


Does the brand have any
attributes or benefits that dominate competitors?

Insert response


4. Positioning Statement & Motto

Develop a new
positioning statement and motto for the brand you selected. Below is an example
of BMW’s positioning statement and motto.

BMW Positioning statement: The brand for discerning customers of sports cars (target customers)
who want an exhilarating experience (USP).

BMW Motto: BMW is
the ultimate driving machine.

Amazon Positioning statement: What your thinking about and what
you need is what we have here;

Amazon Motto: It’s amazing what you can buy in the Amazon.



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