NameInstructorCourseDateThe offices mostly use a lot of their

NameInstructorCourseDateThe importance of work.Work can easily be described to be any form of physical or mental activity which an individual engages themselves in with the aim of achieving a desired result. People work to obtain different results. However, in most cases people who are employed and have a job they wake up early in the morning to go to work for various reasons. People who are self-employed and have businesses work twice as hard to make sure their businesses thrive. Different types of work demand different kinds of attention.

People who work in offices mostly use a lot of their mental energy to achieve the desired results. However, people who work in construction sites use a lot of physical energy to achieve an intended result. In order for one to work they need a lot of energy and effort to attain the desired result.

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The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of work. People in different parts of the world work every day. Whether one is poor or wealthy, people work every day to ensure that they are productive.

It is, however, important to note that we have different types of profession and hence people are normally engaged in different types of work. That notwithstanding, the main goal for as to why people engage themselves in work is so that they may better their lives. Even those individuals who are wealthy and are considered to be the richest people on the world, they continuously work so that they can better their lives. Human needs are insatiable and they cannot be fully satisfied. With this in mind people work so that they can satisfy their needs which in real sense cannot be fully satisfied (Roza 46).One of the importance or rather the significance of work is so that individuals may earn money. Although one may argue out that they don’t work for money, whatever we work for revolves around the aspect of money.

Money is part and parcel of survival in this time and age. Hence, people work to obtain money so that they can satisfy other needs. Money is a medium through which individuals can invest or even purchase other things (Klein 44). Without money people cannot acquire other things that they want. Hence, it is important for people to work so that they can acquire money to satisfy other needs.

Work is important as it helps people to sharpen their professional skills. Before one goes to work most people spend a lot of years in school trying to learn different skills so that they may be of great impact into the society (Svendsen 55). It would be meaningless for one to go to school and yet not be in apposition to practice what they have learned.

In this regard, people work so that they can sharpen their skills and enhance their career for a better living. Hence, people work or rather go to work so that they can enhance their career and sharpen their skills to become productive individuals in the society (Roza 63). Another significance of work is that it helps people to come up with innovative ideas of doing things and making work easier. When people work, in their different disciplines they tend to try and solve different challenges that they encounter. This in turn makes such individuals to look for ways by which they can simplify the work they are doing so that they can be more effective. By doing so, such people come up with innovative ways of tackling out different problems in the society. Work is therefore important since it makes individuals to become more productive and innovative (Klein 79).

Work is important since it helps in inculcating the art of responsibility in most people. When people work and earn a living out of it, they have to be responsible so that they can be able to manage what they have acquired. Hence, work makes people to be faithful and responsible in whatever they are doing. When one is tasked to do a particular task, more than often they are given deadlines. People who have businesses normally have deadlines and various goals that they ought to achieve during a given period of time. It is obvious that work makes people to be disciplined so that they may achieve the desired result. In the process of trying to be disciplined, individuals end up being responsible citizens. Work makes people to be responsible and disciplined in what they do (Roza 80).

Work is of great significance since it helps people to understand the significance of production. When people work, they are able to produce different goods and services. This makes them to become more productive and not wasteful. When one works hard and they obtain their money or wealth from the hard work they don’t become wasteful by spending their money on unnecessary things.

Statistics indicate that people who waste their money on unnecessary things normally don’t work hard for the money. Work teaches people to be resourceful and not be wasteful (Svendsen 77).Work is important since it helps people to manage their health. More than often work involves use of energy which in the long run burns calories in the body. Due to this aspect, people who work are likely to healthy compared to individuals who sit down and they don’t do any work. When people are working they tend to momentarily forget about certain things that affect their lives. If a person is being stressed out by a certain issue, when they engage in work, they tend to momentarily forget the issue at hand. Stress is not good for one’s health and hence by making sure that they work, this makes them to avoid being stressful (Klein 85).

When people work and they achieve various goals this helps them to be motivated with life. Hence, they tend to be more positive and this makes them not to develop cases such as stress and depression which are not good for one’s health (Svendsen 93).Work is important because it helps people not to engage in social vices.

Most people who engage themselves in drug abuse, crime, prostitution and the likes do so because they lack decent jobs. Nobody would ever want to be caught on the wrong side of the law. Hence, most people who engage in such activities do so because they lack a job. Work in this regard is important because it makes people to be more productive. By being productive people tend to shun from various social vices which may be of negative impact to their health and life (Roza 115).In conclusion, work is important. It is only by working that people can become more fruitful.

Work helps people to acquire money and, hence, making them to become healthy. Money is important in making sure people acquire different material things and property that they need to enhance their lives. Money acquired through work helps in settling out various bills such as hospital bills which are important in one’s life. Work also plays an important role in making sure that people sharpen their skills and they enhance their career. People go to school to study different skills so that they can be productive. If they don’t work, their education will be in vain.

Work also makes people to become resourceful and avoid wastage. Lastly, work is so important since it helps in preventing various social evils from happening. WORKS CITEDRoza, Greg. Why People Work.

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