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Name descriptionPlanning Planning is the most important part of a new system as it is where you decide exactly what you want to do with the system, as well s any problems you will need to be prepared for, and sorting them out before they arise, this could include costs, or staff. These could also allow you to meet with customers and suppliers allowing you to become better than your competitorsAnalysis The requirements of the customers should be found and noted to allow you to know more so what it is you need to do. As well as allowing you to know how you want it to preform and your expectations for the system. This will also include its organisation, economical, and technological structure.

It is also important that they maintain good communication with customersDesign The design stage will be next, and in this stage the customer understanding is crucial. As it is the customers’ needs that they need to meet. In this stage they will focus on the levels of security, modules, and components of the system that they are designing. As well as this the interface and type of data in the system will be considered and designed.

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As well as the aesthetics and its overall function.Implementation This stage comes when a full understanding of the system has been achieved. This will be where the system is actually constructed after it has all been drawn out and designed.

In the SDLC the code would also be written in this stage, as well as the configuration of the system and at the end of the stage the system should be running with training being necessary to understand the system. Testing This is where all the system parts will work together in order to integrate the system. In this stage the system is fit to new inputs and the testers will analyse the outputs and the system behaviour. Testing is where most bugs will be detected and stamped out which will help to increase customer satisfaction once it comes out fully. Another form of testing later into the phase would be a BETA or a prototype for some users, this would collect feedback on the system and allow improvement before its full release.

maintenance In this phase, incremental maintenance and updates will be added once it is released, allowing the system to stay at its best and to continue to for fill its purpose. It will also improve usability and overall increase the satisfaction of its customers, and will continue to do so. What is a system analysis?A system analysis is where a system will be watched in order to find and potential problems and troubleshoot them. It is an applied technique in IT and is done on computer systems of which require analysis to allow improvement to the aesthetic or function.What is a SDLC?A system development life cycle (SDLC) is a series of phases where a system is created, usually consisting of six main phases, however it can include more, or even less. These phases are completed in order to make a good system which meets customer needs.

The term SDLC is used to talk about the systems in question and are used in new systems most commonly. The six main phases, outlined below, are planning, analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintainance.


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