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NAME: LEE ZHI SHENGID: P16007524COURSE: MGT1103 FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENTORGANIZATION: TED TALKSOverview’Ted Talks’ is a nonprofit media organization founded by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks, (currently owned by Sapling Foundation, Chris Anderson is the head of TED) which posts powerful talks online to spreading ideas and inspiring others, under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in February 1984 as a conference where early talks was technology and design. Today, TED covers almost all topics included entertainment, science, design, academic, cultural and many more in more than 100 languages around the world by the name TEDx.Today, TED is a global community, every culture, every discipline, every inspiring story are welcome from every people to shares to others for a better deeper understanding of the world. Besides, organizing conferences and events, TED also own a news and learning platform TED.

com for others that can’t attend the community events but can learn it thought internet. So, basically TED is free for all sharing and learning experience.Richard Saul Wurman first founded TED but his only goal was to create the world’s greatest conference that anyone willing to pay could attend. By the late of nineties, Wurman was bored with TED and want to sell it. Here come the Chris Anderson, a hobby-magazine publishing company approached him. Anderson proved a smart great deal which Richard want to sell TED for 14 million. But in the dot-com burst the value drop to 97 percent. After Anderson left the company, he negotiated using his company name Sapling Foundation and bought TED by less than half of the price 6 million.

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Chris Anderson success in 2006 when he turns TED into a global brand and launch it online. Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Overview PAGEREF _Toc530393938 h 1LEADERSHIP PAGEREF _Toc530393939 h 3MANAGEMENT STYLE PAGEREF _Toc530393940 h 4Strategies (Tactical and strategic plan) PAGEREF _Toc530393941 h 5Strategic Plan PAGEREF _Toc530393942 h 5Tactical Plan PAGEREF _Toc530393943 h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc530393944 h 7References PAGEREF _Toc530393945 h 8LEADERSHIPWhile TED’s is a large multinational organization, the leader is often seen as symbolic driver of the succeeded story that is Chris Anderson. In the six years since its launch again, ted.

com has added 1100 talks (today – million), plus TED host talks from other conferences and events. Truly transformational leader, after Chris take over TED, many attribute change and became famous of over a billion times viewed and growing more.In terms of Chris’s philosophy, he is primary focused on the engine of TED’s success – eighteen minutes “short” key. It became viral as internet natural habits, short better.

It turns out to be the right length, not long enough of time for people staying on the website videos for people with a bit time, enjoying coffee, watch to learn to public speaking and more and it is growing. Online, 100 languages and inspiring hot topics set TED into global branding.Chris effective lead TED without using any single styles. He adjusts his styles depending to the situation like cross-culture promoting. TED successful build a trust and name in the global market as nonprofit organization, the important part on worldwide culture. Talks appeal to anyone who is curiosity, love to learn new thing by someone tell a story or a talk. It’s been normal for US teacher use TED videos to teach students and encourage them to showcase their talent in the future.

Different culture produces different TED talk.TED have involved to include local events all over the corner of earth. These local events are called as TEDx. This was an idea started when someone asking him when come to India for little conference, in my town brazil… There is no way they can produce and run so many conferences, that’s why there are volunteers replicate the name of TED for experience worldwide, free for all.MANAGEMENT STYLESuccess is good, but to fail sometimes others cannot accept. Thus, most type of organization even company fail and suffer from a workplace that overcoming failure.

In TED, failure is the only way to push to new solution and better work. As a result, TED success without fear and failure. Because if they fail, they know exactly how to climb back and restart as a side of their successful going.Chris Anderson and his top executives really understand and participate any happen in their organization. Everyone events and talks, Chris will surely get report and updates from his organization key managers around the world by email communication. In addition, Chris too held weekly online conference meeting and spends time discussing issues.

And because Chris has good speaking and networks, he can communicate, and his decision are generally the best and correct ones for the organization. Chris also spend time online. Because of TED popularity and support from the internet. He spends sometimes on twitter, to see what his followers saying. These information, feedback and comments from real user’s experience might helpful to the organization, Chris say.Chris consider implementing their suggestion. He always carefully views and adopt on every suggestion and ideas that pop up over social media, employees, friends, and his organization volunteers.

He strongly believes other people could bring good suggestions to the society.The path to success may be fills with many failures along the way, and the team members can be feel discouraged if they don’t feel the future of successful pathway. Chris had failed launches a few businesses before eventually success on TED, TEDx, and others. His strong spirit and hard determination helped the team’s focus on finding better and newest solution. Strategies (Tactical and strategic plan)Strategic PlanEveryone hates long videos on the internet. That’s why Anderson encourage every videos to be not more than eighteen-minute chunks to limit the time of human attention span, that brought together world changing ideas to everyone on the internet.

Anderson believe in every people on the earth will watch TED no matter he/she spend a little time to be inspire. Under Anderson’s brilliant strategic other than pushing to TED Global, he also created an annual price pool a 1 million to support some of the effort of the TED speaker each year.Anderson also believes and listen to others opinion. He crowds- source the data instead of one research or looking for patterns, he researches into participants rating and analyzing the talks whether cool enough to attract people joining. To get the accurate result from the internet to know which categories people tent to watch and love to listen, Anderson also hired Data Scientist as one of the strategic to research on traffic of the TED.

com to learn more about the glowing scale. For example, 15 – 20 minutes long, extra short and long didn’t make the speaker’s ratings better.Tactical PlanThe tactical master plan is upload on the internet.

Instead of having to run more events, Anderson was able to use the internet to showcase all this TED show from a small audience hall to everyone around the corner of the mother earth. Additionally, the special guest invited to speaker also brilliant enough. For example, TED mostly invited those famous celebrities, scientist, engineer and bring out hot topics that catch and answer most people wonders.TED also do same thing as every business do like target market. Nowadays, younger generations easily been affected by friends and successful stories. One of the TED focus on inspiring quotes running on the internet tend to attract youngest to learn and get motivated. This tactical plan developed to target advertising to the 10 – 40 age group.

Besides, technology too catch new generations interests. Like smartphone, computers, engineering, how to run a business been hot topics as the world is getting more interesting looking for future growing.Freedom, influence and impact first, only expansion.

ConclusionIn this report, there are different styles that are being practical by this organization. And they are aimed at different culture, languages and the important of the internet that’s bring people together around the world. The analysis also leads to failure on early stage doesn’t matter and keep trying makes better plan to the organization as you will find new ways on the path to success.ReferencesStrategic planning. It’s about creating movement, not just a plan.

12 Dec 2005. Spartina Consulting. (conference).

Wikipedia. Oral History of TED. 25 June 2010. Tamara Shopsin.


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