Name: in the future. Unfortunately, one day your

Name: Nam Hoang DoPeriod 5Date: 03/05/2018Process EssayDo you like to save every moment on your smartphone’s camera? The photos and videos will be extremely precious memories for you in the future.

Unfortunately, one day your smartphone suddenly may break or get lost and those precious photos and videos will disappear forever! Today I will share with you about using Google Photos to backup and sync your picture collections in the most effective way.Firstly, you have to download Google Photos for your smartphone and login with your Google account. Afterwards, go to Settings ; Backup ; Sync ; enable the option Backup ; Sync.Then, to chose the upload size, go to Settings ; Backup ; Sync ; Upload Size ; High quality (free unlimited storage). Soon after, you can start uploading unlimited photos and videos to Google’s server. It is very great if all your pictures are saved on the cloud without worries about storage space.

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The disadvantage of this option is that the photos or videos be probably slightly reduced, but Google still gives you “great visual quality” for your pictures. Next, I believe you do not want to waste your expensive 3G/4G data just to backup and sync photos and videos, so go to Settings > Backup & Sync > disable all options in cellular data.Finally, you will enjoy the usefulness of Google Photos.

Whenyou have photos or videos on your smartphone, they will be automatically backed up and synced to the cloud. This app is very useful because once you have taken a photo or video, it cannot be retaken exactly the same moment. That is why if you use Google Photos you will not worry about losing your valuable moments.


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