Name: participate as they are not forced

Name: Shanthini D/O RajanClass: TE08
Admission Number: 1805248J
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, called the ”waste hierarchy” is a very
importance guidance for creating a sustainable life. The growing concern of waste
generated has been hot topic globally. This has made countries to implement
projects to reduce waste and reuse the waste for another good cause. For example,
Dutch cities transform urban waste into something helpful. In addition, The Zero
Waste Lab located in the east of the Dutch city gives discounts for local shops and
market stalls in exchange for other goods where you are appreciated for helping the

From 2016, 30 local businesses and 1100 households have taken part in the project.

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As the project is voluntary, people are more willing to participate as they are
not forced to do it. Furthermore, another project implemented was Circular Urban
Economies where the Netherlands’ two largest cities pledged to become circular
economies by reusing waste materials to new materials. The first steps were to
improve cities recycling rates as Netherlands produces 550kg of waste each year
according to Zero Waste Lab. Other than recycling, Zero Waste Lab also hopes to
improve social cohesion between communities. Moreover, children are also taught
how to reuse old textiles to give them the tools they need in 21st century. Lastly,
Plastic park in Rotterdam was opened by using the waste from the river. It was
implemented to show a city working together to move from trash to beauty.

To conclude, I find the projects implemented very useful and it make a big difference
to the environment and the society. By working together to reduce waste
generated, the environment gets healthier and the bonds between communities
become stronger. Furthermore, I agree that we can reuse our waste to produce
something useful and at the same time teach the skills to the upcoming 21st Century
generation. I would also suggest Singapore to implement such projects to make the
environment waste free and t the same time develop strong bonds between

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