NAME: known. It means also that reality is

NAME: JONASH IVAN VILLALOBOSWRITTEN WORK #1Do we see reality as it is? Well, I think that reality is subjective and multiple because objective reality is only the image that we see and the things we are sure that actually exist. For example, an apple is an apple it does not matter what other people think as long an object or an apple it’s still an apple.

In definition it will only describe on what the person sees on an object it will describe only its appearances including it colour, sizes and shape. An objective reality person wouldn’t normally think of anything that there is more meaning to an object which basically they believe only what is present.Subjective reality is that part of our experience that it is surely can’t be objectified or known. It means also that reality is a combined belief structure where consciousness and awareness is the central of subjective reality.

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It means that in a single object it has more meaning than just how it looks I believed that there will be more of it because our perception of things changes over a period of time. According to a scientist that we lack the necessary concepts and intelligence and over the period of time people reconstruct the meaning of things and objects that they see. It is a subject to elaborate sets of things, in anyone that can modify a perception of that reality.

As such, when people believe before that earth was the center of our universe because that how people see it. Then Copernicus proposed that Sun is the middle of our solar system not the Earth. What I am saying that our interpretation of a thing changes over a period of time. Also that one person thinks of something is always different than what other people are thinking, but some are indirect ways. The importance of subjective reality at present and why I’m such a strong supporter of it because it gives you what is the perspective and what beyond on that thing you know that there are more on what you just see on the world. It also gives people have a better idea, more creative and challenging on what they are doing in life because you find something that is interesting.

A person does not stop on creating a better world it helps people understand how and what the world is all about. In being a subjective person I also believe that there is someone (God) will be greater than us and who will help our lives in times of crisis. I hope that humans will have more faith because and I know that we will know how everything started and not be curious about the world and will just spread good in life and teach people the be good with other people. I think that people made a false assumption of thinking of being confident on what they know about reality. This means that we should be sure on what we are going to say or thinking about the world. We humans are still far from learning what the world is really all about we should not stick on that learning if we just see it.

People should continue exploring the world and make lots of friends and learn it with them. In subjective reality, we do construct the whole world at once because we construct what we need in the moment. For example is that people believes that the Earth is flat and people we’re wrong. Which until now people observe and examine that the Earth is a sphere and the planets. Another example is that people think that we are inclined that perception is like a window on reality as it is.

The theory of evolution is telling us that it has incorrect interpretation of our perceptions. Instead, reality is more like a 3D desktop that’s designed to hide the complication of the real world and guide the adaptive behaviour. If I look and saw a red apple I am interacting with reality but that reality which we do not know yet is not a red apple and nothing like a red apple.


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