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Rosella Akin, Lecturer University Of Older. Further, my appreciation goes to all the Oligocene College in collaboration with university of Older team members. This is because of their professional guidance, supervision and all their support and ideas that we shared in the course of my attachment. Moreover, would like to extent my heartfelt gratitude to my heavenly God for the opportunity of memorable fruitful months at Lake Naives Country Club through my attachment course. Finally, my heartfelt gratitude goes to my family for their invaluable moral support through my attachment.God bless you all. ABSTRACT The report summarizes my real life experience in working environment urine my attachment at Lake Naives Country Club.

The duration of the attachment was three months with specialization in housekeeping, restaurant, laundry, and kitchen, which are in line with the Tourism Management Course. As a result, I am writing this report as my attachment feedback to the University of Older. Gaining of data used in the report was through and out of specific task, sharing ideas, observation, and experimental work.However, the main goal of the report is to give the hotel’s conceptual view Of the departments, Ways in which they Operate, and the overall performance. On the hand, it summarizes the extensive work experience that gained exposure to during my attachment at Lake Naives Country’ Club. Therefore, it will allow the reader to get the feeling of how things happen at the establishment.

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In addition, the intention of writing this report is to give a brief background on the industrial attachment program. This entails providing a report of the host company, history, core business present and their future business prospects.A. Objectives Here are some of the objectives for the course Gain valuable experience to build my resume Receive credit for real world experience Find out what it is like to work in my potential career Get to know employers and make a solid network Learning new skills understanding work place expectations Learn more about a career Acquire confidence for future work. 2.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF LAKE NAIVES COUNTRY CLUB 3. History and Background of Lake Naives Country Club Lake Naives Country club is one of the gems in a necklace of Rift Valley.It emerged in the 1 ass’s as the first staging post for Imperial Airways Flying boat service from Durban. It is located on the opposite shore of Lake Naives from the town of Naives, Kenya. Built using old colonial architecture and opened in 1 937, Lake Naives Country Club provides accommodation in rooms and cottages across 12 hectares (55 acres) of green lawns shaded by mature acacias and fever trees. The public rooms also display the British colonial style.

The residents’ lounge has a massive fireplace and large bay windows. The bar adjoins a snooker room, for playing billiards in the British tradition.Views across Lake Naives are dominated by the shadow of Mount Longest, 2,777 m (9,1 11 Ft. ), a partly extinct volcano, which, in 1983, was declared a Kenya national park (52 km). Mount Longest is visible from the eastern escarpment on the scenic highway to the region. I.

History The Lake Naives Country Club opened in 1937 as an intermediate staging post for Imperial Airways’ flying boat (seaplane) service traveling from Durban to London Previously known as the “Lake Hotel” in the asses, there were papyrus-thatched chalets. The area was popular with members of the Happy Valley set during the years between the World Wars.Also on the shores of Lake Naives is the Dijon Palace, which gained notoriety in the Happy Valley days. In 2008, the transfer of the hotel from Block Hotels Group to Kenya Hotels Ltd occurred.

I. Activities First, Lake Naives is the focus of daily activities. There is fishing for black bass and tailpipe, and a boat trip during the day provides a close view of Naphtha’s wide variety of birdlike and its hippo colonies. The club offers a sundowner boat trip which combines the sunset on the Lake with exotic drinks. Second, there is the Crescent Island, 15 minutes away by boat.

It is a private game sanctuary, with zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, pervert monkeys, hares, genet cats, Waterbury and giraffe. Crescent Island is one of the few places in Africa where people can wander on foot among herds of antelope nice there are no predators on the island. LUNCH will arrange boat trips for a reasonable charge. Third, Naives is also a site for bird watching, with over 300 species of birds on display: three birds’ walks a day along the grounds of the country club, including early morning bird walks, which are particularly good for rare sightings of birds. There is a swimming pool and conference facilities for up to 50 people. Ii. The Vision, Mission, and Core Value of Lake Naives Country club Vision To be the most preferred Hotel Company within Africa for each segment of the market.

Our Mission To create and dazzle the first with superior quality of product and service Core Values The organizations core values include Our team, Customer focus, Integrity and Innovation iv. Objectives of Lake Naives Country Club A company objective is a goal or outcome that an organization would like to achieve. Company objectives are measurable. They effectively describe the actions required to accomplish a task.Objectives define the techniques an organization will use to achieve sales success, customer service goals, financial goals, and any other measurable aspirations of the company.

A) If uncial Business managers must set clear financial objectives to emphasize the financial targets of the company. Objectives should be ambitious but also measurable and realistic. An example of a financial objective could be growth in company revenues and earnings. Attaching a quantifiable number, such as 15 percent growth in revenues and earnings within the next 12 months is ideal because it can be measurable and adjustable if necessary.

Another financial objective could focus on increasing capital and investments, such as attracting new shareholders and investors by improving credit worthiness and cash flow. ) Sales and Marketing Sales and marketing objectives help companies measure their position against industry competitors. These objectives tend to focus on ways an organization can surpass the competition in market share, product quality and brand recognition.

An example of a marketing objective could be to lower costs in respect to competitor pricing to attract a new class of buyers, or to introduce a new product line to appeal to a broader demographic. ) Human Resources To operate effectively, organizations need competent employees. Human resources objectives cover organizational structure and employee relations eaters. They also cover the employee training and development goals of the organization. A human resources objective could be to reduce employee turnover by 20 percent by introducing a new employee assistance program.

Another objective could be to improve productivity by implementing a company-wide training program. The staffing of an organization is also a focus of human resources.An objective to meet staffing needs could be to recruit skilled workers into the organization.

D) Customer Service Business managers establish objectives that focus on providing quality customer service. These objectives attempt to measure customer satisfaction with costs and overall quality of a product or service. A customer service objective could be to reduce delivery and distribution time of products and services. Another could be to reduce the number and frequency of customer returns and complaints, or to improve the response time of client unique irises. . DEPARTMENTS ATTENDED A. HOTEL HOUSEKEEPING This department is in charge of the hotel hygiene and cleanliness.

As housekeeping, staff (room attendant) one needs to make sure that the hotels rooms are hygienically clean, attractive to the eyes Of the guests and has a DOD atmosphere in order to make the guests stay enjoyable and comfortable. By definition we can say; Housekeeping is the act of provision of a clean, comfortable, safe, and aesthetically appealing environment. In Lake Naives Country Club, there are three cards used to open the guest rooms.The cards are namely; Master card-used by the head of the department and its only one and it opens all the rooms in this particular establishment.

Sub master card-used by a room steward for a specific wing, which he/she (room steward) is entitled to clean. Individual card-a card that is to the guest when e/she checks in and the card expires the time the guest checks out. Guestrooms are the heart of the hotel, unless the d©cord is appropriate, the air odor free and furnishings and upholstery spotless clean, the hotel may lose the guests as per potential repeat customer.It IS right to say that housekeeping is a 24 x 7 x 365 operation. Imagine the stacks of linen needed to make up all the beds in a hotel. The huge amounts of bath soap, tissue, and other amenities such as shampoos, colognes, and so on that must be in the guestrooms. The miles of carpeting, floors, walls, and ceilings to be cleaned and maintained.

The countless pieces of furniture to dust and polish, and the barrels of cleaning compounds along with special tools and equipment needed in order to clean these. I.RESPONSIBILITIES OF HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT To achieve the maximum efficiency in ensuring the care and comfort of guests & in the smooth functioning of the department To establish a welcoming atmosphere To ensure courteousness and reliable service from all staff the guest To ensure a high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all areas for which the department is responsible. To provide linen in rooms, restaurants, manqué halls, conference halls, health clubs, as well as, maintain an inventory for the same.To provide uniforms for all the staff & maintain inventory for the same To cater to the laundering requirements of hotel linen, staff uniforms, and guests.

To provide & maintain the floral decorations and to maintain the landscaped areas of the hotel To select the right contractors & ensure maintenance of work quality To co-ordinate renovation and refurnishing of the property in consultation with the management & with interior designers To co-ordinate with the purchase department for the recruitment of guest supplies, cleaning agents, equipment, fabrics, carpets, & other items used in the hotel.To deal with lost & found articles Carpet shampooing Dealing with any guest queries, complaints, & requests as they occur To keep the general manager or administrator informed of all matters requiring attention. Ii. AREAS UNDER THE PURVIEW OF HOUSEKEEPING 1. Front of the house areas 2. Back of the house areas a.

Front Of the House areas Guestrooms Corridors Lobbies & public restrooms Pool and patio areas Meeting rooms Dining rooms/restaurants Banquets Halls Convention Halls Hotel-operated shops Recreation rooms (Games rooms) Gymnasium rooms Building exterior Landscaping & gardens b.Back of the house areas Management offices Storage areas Linen & sewing rooms Laundry room Employee locker rooms Administrative offices Cloakrooms iii. PROCEDURE OF MAKING A BED 1. Put the fitted on the bed.

2. Put the first flat sheet on the bed and make sure that your sheet is flush to the headboard. 3. Place the comforter onto the bed with the top about 3 inches from the head board 4 Put the next sheet onto the comforter to match the top.

5. Fold down the first sheet to make a 3-inch and 7. CM at the top of the bed.

6.Fold the bottom corners into a bed (according to the type of the bed). 7. Tuck in both sides of the bed fully and tightly. 8. Add the pillows onto the bed and the cater pillow and the puff (if any).

9. Fold the bed runner and put it to the bed. 10. Make sure the bed is very tight and clean. Iv. PROCEDURE OF CLEANING A ROOM 1 Strip the bed- start by striping the bed, remove the sheets, pillowcases, and remove them outside the room.

2. Inspect the bed for stains and the mattress. 3. Remove all dirty linen and any rubbish from the room. 4.Dusting- the room should be from the room of the highest piece of wood to he bottom including lampshades. 5.

Make the bed according to the hotel standards. 6. Wipe down all hard surfaces, clean each surface using a clean set of clothes. Sanitize the locks, telephone, and computer equipment.

7. Give special attention to the toilet seats and handles. 8. Put all the items example laundry bags.

9. Check the pillows and the curtains – they should be in good shape. In house keeping the rooms should have four set of towels. They are namely bath towel, hand towel, bath mat, and face towel. V.DETERGENTS USED IN HOUSE KEEPING R-6 – Remove stubborn stains Pro- shine- cleans wood surfaces Spotless- used to remove stains from silver Traffic wax – cleans wooden floor Window ling- it’s used to clean glasses Hairpin- used to clean toilets. Multi-purpose- it is for cleaning all surfaces including toilets and glasses. Vi.

HOTEL LAUNDRY A laundry is a site place where every kind of linen is done clean. There are three types of machines in a laundry; drying machines used to dry clothes and linen among others. Washing machine for washing linen and a calendar machine used to iron linen and clothes. . Guest laundry procedure 1) Receiving from the guest room (or baskets) 2) Checking for the guest name and room number ) After washing separate accurately e. G.

Thimble dried drip drying 4) Press accordingly or accurately (ironing) 5) Arrange in their orders (finishing) e. G. Putting in the laundry bags and to the guest room steward on duty b. Chemicals used in the laundry. 1) Liquid laundry detergent- it is a liquid detergent used to remove sweats or excessive soiling of item especially guest laundry staff uniform. ) Builder- a bleaching that’s used for white fabric only 3) Destined- it is for cleaning white linen only.

4) Sour vii- it’s an unionize theses used to make clothe bright 5) Softener- it is a joist used to softener linen such as cloth and bed sheet after rinsing it. Has a refreshing smell. B. FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE a. Services The restaurant supervisor ensures that every staff in the restaurant is allocated task to perform. In case of a special event like wedding anniversary, birthday cake or a bush dinner, the restaurant staffs are briefed in advance to prepare.

I.The buffet set up The waiters must ensure that they fold the napkins, the symmetry of the tables and the cutlery on the tables are in order, the salt and pepper are on the table and toothpick holders must be on the table with toothpicks. I.

The restaurant closing procedure Every staff in the restaurant has a closing duty whose duration is one week. Before the staff can embark on their closing duty, they must ensure that all the tables have been cleared and crumbed down, the cutlery are washed and put in the sideboard, all the tables are clean and set for the next meal. Iii.The buffet The restaurant supervisor ensures that all the switches are on before and off after every meal. The restaurant staffs ensure that all the soiled linens are taken to the laundry and all the service covers and under liners are cleaned. Iv. The coffee station The coffee station is the responsibility of the bar waiters and they ensure that they remove all teacups, sugar, and tea bags from the station and they take the flasks to the stillborn, wash them, and keep them there waiting the next order of service.

V. Service style From the day came at Lake Naives Country Club, only service style here was buffet service.This was because the lodge was registering high number of guest all the time. Here, the guest goes to the buffet and choose what he wants eat starting from the salads to desserts. B. Duties and responsible of food and beverage Department I. The purchase, receive, storing, issuing and preparation of food and beverage within the lodge ii.

Training, direct, motivation, and monitoring of all food and beverage staff/department iii. Provision of food and beverage to satisfy or exceed their guest expectations iv. He introduces new staff member to the restaurant. V. Supervising the waiters I.The bar Lake Naives Country Club has three bars namely the main bar, the pool bar, and the mini bar a) The main bar This is the main bar in the club; it is referred to as the discovery bar, and the head bar man runs it as the supervisor . The glass hand is also found here at he main bar. The glass hand will ensure that the glasses are cleaned at all times.

During breakfast, the restaurant supervisor brings glasses to the buffet counter for guest to use them as the take juices. When the waiter is setting the tables for lunch or dinner, it is necessary to place glasses on the tables.Lake Naives Country Club restaurant has different glasses for different purposes like red wine glass, white wine glass, beer mugs, long tumble for serving water and sodas, short tumble for serving juices, whiskey glass, and latte glass. The bar is big in size because this is where all drinks whether alcohol and non-alcoholic are brought first. It is next to the reception on one end and the other the kitchen. It is open as early as 6:00 am so that the bar man can take down stock with the food and beverage controller.

It is only from this bar where drivers can buy cigarette and request for ice cubes. If a guest would like to have a snack, the order is given here where the bar waiter takes care of it and it is between 10:mama to 6:pm. The d©cord of the main bar is out of this world because the floor is wooden; the walls are re-enforced with wood and the counter too. When they are polished, it increases attractiveness of the bar D©cord The d©cord is very large, with outside terrace and the lobby with fireplace area and one counter.Warm colors are applied, as everything is brown in color starting with the wooden floor, wooden walls, the beige sofa sets and chairs and the wooden counter. Soft background music is always heard when one enters the restaurant. The lighting are soft just enough for you to see the person seated next to you.

The arrangement of the bar makes one attracted to it. B) The swimming pool bar The swimming pool bar is located at the swimming pool and it serves guest who are coming to swim or relax at the pool. The bar is not well stocked like he main bar and hippo bar.The pool attendant operates it because the guests do not buy drinks from the bar. C) The mini bar The mini bar is a small bar found in guests rooms. It does not have much to offer compared to the main bar or the pool bar. This bar is the direct responsibility of the housekeeping department.

The price list is in the guest’s rooms and if he wishes to drink what is provided, the floor housekeeper will open the mini bar and take not of what’s there. C. Food and beverage cashiering and sales revenue control system The mode of cashiering at Lake Naives Country Club is by means of micro system.When guests order drinks, the waiters will bring a receipt where the guest will have the option of either paying in cash or signing the receipt with his room number and name. In case a guest has gone without paying or signing, the bill will hang on the waiters name and not unless it undergoes clearance, the waiter will end up paying for the guest.

I. Food Guest visiting Lake Naives Country Club are on full board meaning a guest cannot be charged for the meal he takes in the Club not unless he wants some snacks, picnic lunch boxes or a bush dinner/breakfast. Guests who are chance arrival will have to pay cash for what they take.

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