My True Identity essay

He would always scold me properly when I misbehaved. Because of this early discipline, I always stop and think about what I am doing. If think my father would disapprove, then would not do it.

My mother is a devoted Christian. She attends church service every Sunday and would always see to it that go to Sunday school. This was so instilled in me that while was in high school I would assist the Sunday school teachers with the children left in their care, while their parents attended the church service. This has helped me to be very patient with younger children.

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My identity was also affected by my ethnicity.Although was brought to this country from Jamaica when I was 1 year old, I still identify myself as being Jamaican, even though I cannot speak the Jamaican language. This is because my parents have always surrounded me with people and things Jamaican. My parents’ brothers and sisters are Jamaican and when they visit, they always talk with the Jamaican accent and do things and cook dishes that are Jamaican. I can always talk with my Jamaican cousins and we can always confide in each other. When I was younger, would go to Jamaica and spend ime with my Grandparents.While there I would attend summer school.

Socializing with Jamaican children my age helped to shape my identity as a Jamaican. My identity has also been affected by the location that grew up in. In our neighborhood, my parents have friends that have taken an interest in how I grew up. I could always talk to these friends and get their impression on something that I had an interest in doing. Some of these friends are also Jamaican so this has helped to shape my identity as being Jamaican.

I also have some friends in the area whom communicate with on social media hich has also shaped who am today.Because some of these friends are American, it has helped to shape my identity not just as being Jamaican but Jamaican American. For instance I have learnt to accept Reggae music which is Jamaican and at the same time I like American Hip Hop music and several of the American artists. Also although one of my favorite dishes is Mac and Cheese which is the American side of my personality, also enjoy Ackee which is Jamaica’s National fru it. Participating in different sports has also played a part in who I am today. did Track and Field when I was in Middle and High school.Many times I would be walking in the mall and different people would say, “l know who you are. You used to run for the Maryland Titans! ” I also did Karate while in Middle school and developed an identity as being very talented.

I played Basketball in the neighborhood and developed the identity of being very athletic. Friends in the area used to call me a crafty little basketball player. really enjoyed playing sports. This really helped to build my self-esteem, just to know that people recognized what I have achieved in the different sports that I participated in. During my free time I love to watch Netflix, not just any shows.I love to watch the shows that have use my brain and solve mysteries, like Blue Bloods, CSI, Rookie Blue and all the solving mysteries that get my attention. This past June, I took a trip to California and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas the is this place called the CSI experience where I got to solve a fake crime.

I was really happy that I solved the case in less than 25 minutes. Just by solving this crime I felt like I was in the television shows that I watch. From was a young child; I was always fascinated with computers. Both of my parents work with computers, so I think that is what got me nterested with them.

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