A good teacher according to Department of Education guidelines is someone who differentiates instruction to reach all learners, regularly assesses and collects data in order to inform instruction, regularly reflects on best practices in order refine instruction, collaborates with members of their learning community to create a network of support for all learners, and creates a safe and inviting environment for learning to take place in. I’m sure I’m forgetting something here..

. UT all in all, I think we can say I’ve been taught well. It is one thing to understand a set of criteria or a “continuum of teacher velveteen,” but it’s another thing entirely to internalize those standards and decide, “Yes, I am succeeding,” or “No, I am failing. ” I say this, because it’s a decision I’m struggling to make right now. Sat year, I have to say I let myself feel pretty good about my teaching abilities. Observations and evaluations by people in my school.It lead me to believe to a certain extent that I had mastered much of what I needed to know. Never gave up on reflecting on what was working or improving what I was doing.

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In my 13th year, I’m reevaluating this. And while it’s scary to face this reality, reality is much preferable to a delusion. I’ve realized much of what impressed visitors and myself last year was management. When I get to the core of my instruction and ask myself did it reach all the kids and help them grow, I realize there were many flaws.

Looking at reading specifically, many of my students didn’t show the progress hoped to see when June came around. Care intensely about the kids teach (is that on the continuum of development? ) and I am trying very hard to do my best everyday. My classroom is a safe place for kids and ideas. These are the things I am sure of right now. For everything else “good” will have to be a work in progress.

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