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My reflection about GEIL 101 Course:On 26th of August the x has begun. It was my first day in a new environment which is different than what I expected. At 8:00 am was my first class which was Information literacy (GEIL 101). I was interested to know more about this course since I asked my older friends about it and they told me: it’s fantastic, it’s all about making presentations, you can get A easily!From the beginning, I noticed that this course is like a gold opportunity to improve my skills, and this is what happened. It taught me how to write a search criteria, find the information, evaluate it and then share the gist with others. It gave me professional techniques that will help on looking for information.

It also let me to understand which sources are best depending on my topic and how variety will give a perfect result. Not that only but also, the course had grew my confidence by giving the chance to present individually and with a group. My individual presentation was about “Our ambassadors programme”. I chose it carefully, then I prepared well before I presented, and I remembered how everyone got excited to know more and involve the programme. Moreover, the 4 challenges presentations were taken an important part of practicing how a group presentation should be done. Even if there were very simple, in our group we worked for them and we tried to choose a different member to present in each time.To be honest, the course didn’t improve my skills only, it allowed me to know about new concepts that I did not know before. For example, I used to not include the references on my presentations, but GEIL 101 course showed me how important are they and how to organize them using APA style.

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Also, I had never heard about BIG6, but after the course I learned how to use it probably. This course also let me know about new things that I’ll never forget. For instance; the using of scholar google. I had never hear about this source of information, but this course showed me how to use it, how to limit the results depending on my search and how it’s more trustable than the normal google.

One more advantage is during the course I made a good relationship with my group members. They were friendly and very respectful.On the other hand, I faced some problems. The preparation of the mid-term exam was difficult to me since it was an open material and my first time to do an exam online. I didn’t know how to study and all what I had done is downloading and preparing the documents then trying to read them.

In addition, my team was not that much cooperative. I was the leader and I tried to prepare everything before the due date, but they usually didn’t listen to the instructions and ignore me. So, to keep myself on the safe side, I worked on my part and their parts too! Not that only but also there were some opposite opinions in the project.

Someone thinks that this part is suitable to her but others disagree, but at the end we reach to a good solution that satisfied everyone. Moreover, when we worked on our research project, we didn’t find enough information from books because the topic was not known much. The instructor was very inflexible with this and he accepted to replace the books with scholar articles.However, I tried to solve some of those problems, but that didn’t work in each time. For example; when I was preparing for the mid-term exam, I collected a file that contains all the screenshots of all assignments to help, but before few hours from the exam, I emailed the instructor if it’s allowed to open this file during the exam or not and I shocked when he said no! So, instead of opening the file, I tried to memorise the answers.The course included some outside classes and the most I like is the one done in Majlis Allbtikar in the main library.

It was really helpful to our project. We sat together, and we talked deeply on the specific features of our project. Also, C3 had done there. However, the library visit class was interesting too. It was my first time to inter a university library and to know how to use its facilities. After that class, my visits to the library became more. I started to borrow books, print my assignments and sometimes study there!In addition, the course contained some surprises that I didn’t expect them.

There are a lot but here there is few examples. At the beginning, I thought that we are going to study something related to how we can write essays and what are the techniques of reading, but from the first week, I understand that GEIL 101 is more active. It was good news since I’m not good that much in academic courses (I mean the ones which depend on the skills and does not need much study). Also, once a time, I remembered when I lose some marks in one assignment and I thought that it’s impossible to get more points in that one.

Suddenly, someone asked us if we want to have another chance because she is going to email the instructor, and the most of girls agreed. Then I surprised when he accepted to open the assignment again! It was really helpful.To me, if I have the chance to repeat the course, I’ll make a lot of things. First, I’m going to be careful when I chose my group members. May be also I’ll try to take the course with my friends because I think it will be more interesting. Then, I’ll pick the topic for the final project depending on our interests and something we know some information about it. Also, I’m thinking of being more creative, more organizable and stricter (if I had chosen as a leader) in this chance.To conclude, I think this course can be done better with more benefit if we do some adjustments.

First, if the final project divides into two small projects, one individual and the other with group, the concept of applying the BIG6 technique will be more understandable (the individual project will be instead of doing the individual presentations). The group project could come first to keep it as a practice for the individual one, where the students will do the all steps alone. However, there will be a problem with the time! But if we increase the number of members in each group to 6 or 5, the work will become easier and faster. Second, I think if the time of the class becomes 90 mins instead of 75 mins and this extra time will be only for working on the project, the students will not need to meet outside the class and it will give them the chance to be creative in their projects. Third, the outside classes. I think if there is an one outside class in each two or three weeks, the students will be more interesting in the course since breaking the normal increases the positive energy inside everyone.

In the conclusion, I would like to say that this course is great one and each student can earn the most benefit if he worked hard. And as my friends said “We can get A easily” if we have done everything correctly and before the due date. Also, GEIL 101 doesn’t depend on memorising information, it’s mostly from the life and everything we studied is helpful for future.


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