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My own reason is not family obligation but my own standards, higher than Eiffel Tower. And I will end up being miserable. Going back to the topic, I really adore people who are still “The Virgin”. Conserving, preserving and reserving your body, not just it but your whole being, your soul like that is a rarity in our society today. For me, out of biblical reason, staying “The Virgin” is an achievement. It is because you have so and too much control, discipline and value in yourself that you do not fall to temptation. That is it.

That is what I am really talking about. It is a worldly temptation for me. Premarital sex is bad and wrong. We have the saying “Too little is bad and too much is bad also”. It is not good because it brings lust, unwanted pregnancy and disease. According to science, it is okay for a man to have an experience before they commit to marriage. I do not think so.

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I have this belief that your body is the temple of Christ so you must purify it. I want to suggest that women should be educated first because they are the reason why men are so agitated. If a woman is superior to man in terms of sexual relationship then there is no problem


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