My infrastructure, unemployment, inequality and drought. This kind

My opinionIt is unfortunate to see such a huge divide between the poor and the rich. You ask yourself a lot of questions in terms of the world we living in. In life generally, you do not choose to be poor, a lot of things play a role, as they say life happens, we are not here to judge. Poverty is not caused by the wealthy, it is caused by, amongst other things, lack of infrastructure, unemployment, inequality and drought.

This kind of setup really sets us up for failure. For instance, the question on if we can ever have an equal society, from a little bit of research I have discovered that there are many types of inequalities in the world, from economic to social inequalities like gender, or tribal affiliations. But no matter the inequality, it generally means the same thing: unequal or no access to the resources needed to keep or lift a family out of poverty. What properties must society exhibit for us to comfortably say that it is indeed an equal society – I believe access to basic needs for all in the country.

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