My older sister own a

My older sister own a restaurant called Dec31. It is all women restaurant ,which means the whole staff are females only beginning from the cashier to the waitress up to the head chief. First of all, the reason behind the name Dec31 is the first time my sister thought about opening a restaurant was on December 31. But that’s not all why she named it December 31 ,the other reason why is because her friend who is also the head chief was born on December 31 so that date is very special to her. What made my sister’s restaurant more popular than any ladies only restaurant is how friendly the staff are.

Also it’s the only restaurant in Riyadh that does karaoke night, and more intractive with every social event. For instance , on March 21 Down syndrome day my sister gave the opportunity to young girls with Down syndrome to work at the restaurant and have fun . Running her own restaurant at a young age will definitely very hard and challenging but my sister is the most hard-working person I know and I know she can do it

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