My promote good health, protect the those

My nursing philosophy of nursing is to provide excellent care to all patient with discrimination.

I believe that life is sacred, and it should be reserved at all costs and times. I believe that We should prevent diseases before they occur, promote good health, protect the those who cannot protect themselves, especially children, women disabled and the elderly. As a calling, I am readily available to help when needed. When I read about a conceptual model, it enables me to view life to be valuable that need to be protected at all costs. (Masters, K.

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(2017), P 50) The U.S also supports nurses to provide care without looking at the patient’s financial status. Life first, money later. This enables us to see nursing beyond a paycheck.I treat each patient at an individual level according to his or her need at that particular moment. A patient is still a human being who needs to be treated with respect and dignity.

A disease does not make him/her less human, this allows me to provide individualized care to each patient without criticism. I have studied most of the nursing theories at ADN program and now. Nightingale being the mother of all of them, she provides guidelines to all other theorists. In her teaching, tell us that not only medicine that heals patients.

But a clean and safe environment determines also. Being in a multicultural society, we should allow patients to practice their rituals and beliefs as long as they don’t interfere with the care we provide as nurses. Example some patients believe that prayers heal, we should give them chance to conduct it. My nursing practice follows more of nightingale’s theory. I believe that the clean and safe environment and health foods will facilitate healing but also prevent diseases from attacking us. Looking at the current society, a lot of people are sick because of poor nutrition, which is a major cause of obesity. On the other hand, unsafe environment contributes to illness, pollution being one of them.

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