My in a factory. With this work

My name is Archibald Brooks, but my family calls me Archie. I was born on June 14th, 1799 in London, England. I lived with my parents in a farm until I was 5 years old.

Then we moved to the city, because my parents heard that children were able to get work. In the city I was able to get hired in a factory. With this work I had I was able to help my family with 10 cents weekly.

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I know my family needs the money but I can’t deal with it no more. I feel like I’m in hell, because it’s really hot in here, one day I was falling asleep and the strapper walked up to me and grabbed me by the ankles, I wanted to fight back but I couldn’t, then he put me in a full cold bucket of water when my head was in the bucket, i felt that i was going to die, I felt that I was drowning for eternity. The other day, on of my friends got her armed burned by the hot glass and the boss just fired her because he said she is not able to work no more and he replaced her right away.

One day as I was leaving work, I saw a girl with her finger chopped because of the wool machine, I was really scared that something as bad as this would happen to me. In our apartment, we are all crowded, I remember how in the farm we had enough space to run and jump around, but here you can barely move. In this apartment, we do our business in a bucket then I have to throw it outside.

All the streets in this city stink, there are dead animals in the streets and children playing with it. A river that passes nearby is all purple, the air is gray because of the pollution all these factories make. This industrial revolution have had positive and negative effects. Some positive effects are that thanks to the machines, the prices of the food and things lower and there are more jobs for people especially children. On the other hand some negative effects that the industrial revolution had is that there is diseases spreading because of the pollution and bad hygiene, and child labor, children are mistreated in the place they work.


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