My don’t do the same mistake again.

My MomI have always known that my mother is a very unique person. This thing became very clear for me over the past few years. She is very supportive of everything that am involved in from education to entertainment.

So far, this semester has been the hardest for me. It’s like all the work has been dumped on me. One day I had a long hard assignment and I didn’t have enough time I was really stressed and I freaked out and I thought that I’ll never finish before the deadline. My mom calmed me down and she told me “Lamees, what you did wrong is waiting until the last minute and this should be a lesson for you so you don’t do the same mistake again. You need to calm down and finish this assignment. Panicking and freaking out won’t make it easier to finish.” She left the room to let me get back to work. She turned her head back and hurriedly said, “I know you can do it.

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” Throughout the rest of the night, I worked on that assignment. She stayed up later than her usual bedtime to check on me and help me proofread and finish things out. She took a break to make us coffee and then she came back and helped me finish. After that was over, it really made me think about how amazing my mom is. It made me realize that she is willing to give up anything to her daughter.When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to have pets, except for fish, because my mom hates them so much. When I was in 9th grade, she finally gave in and let me get a bird. It was a very selfish thing to do.

Now that am in college and I realize that she really hates animals but she let me get them anyways because she knows it makes me happy. She really loves us. She takes off a lot of time off from work so she can spend so much more time with us. She spends her vacation cocking and decorating and plays games with us which is really cool.

I can tell from everything she does that she really values us and our family time. I really admire her passion about her family. I hope that when I grow up I get to share that passion with her.


I'm Gerard!

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