My of Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation both theoretically

My fascination in the field of Electrical technologyand my curiosity to know how things around us work right from childhoodmotivated me to take up engineering during under graduation.

I choose Electronicsand Instrumentation as my major because of my fierce passion to explore how Electronicsand Electrical appliances around us work and of what they were built. During My under graduation, I learned the basics ofElectrical, Electronics and Instrumentation both theoretically and practically.In the course of study, I was exposed to various modules such as Electricalcircuit theory, Electrical machines, Control systems, Digital signal processingand VLSI design. I was astonished by the power of Electrical & Electronicsand understood the impact it had in our daily life. This made me moreinquisitive towards Electrical engineering and created an interest in me toexplore its grass roots.  I also becamewell versed in programming languages such as C, C++, Java, VHDL and Verilog.

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The academic project that I worked during the finalyear was titled Advanced DriverAssistance system. It made use of visible light communication protocolbased on IEEE.802.15.

7 and AVR Microcontrollers. This project involved PAN IDmatching method to control the speed of automobiles to a limited range. It wasrated one of the best projects in my college during that academic year. I also presenteda paper at a national level technical symposium on Wireless transmission of electricity. I have been on industrialvisits to power plants such as Neyveli lignite power corporation and Ennorethermal power plants. Here I learnt how electricity was produced from thermalenergy.

Also I was introduced to various areas of energy systems and controlsystems. During the final year of my study, I went for an in planttraining to Subashri bio energies (P) Ltd; This firm makes use of organicpoultry waste to produce electricity and this idea fascinated me. Here I wasintroduced to the method of power production by using organic wastes at a veryless cost, I also learnt various techniques on power generation anddistribution. It was at this place, where I got to understand the importance ofeco-friendly power production and power production from renewable energysources.

This made me more passionate about energy systems and I was curious toexplore the various techniques involved in it.The major challenge that we face today in the 21stcentury is providing energy to the increasing population and catering the energyneeds of modern industries. In India, we mostly rely on conventional methods ofpower productions from fossil fuels. This has taken a toll on our environment.Thus there is a need for us to produce energy from renewable sources. I stronglybelieve that by incorporating eco-friendly techniques and by generating powerfrom renewable energy sources, we can cater the needs of the growing populationand the current Industrial revolution without harming our environment.

Thisbelief in me and my strong emphasis on production of electricity from renewablesources made me to take the decision of doing a Master’s program in Electricalengineering with specializing in energy systems. So that after my graduation, Ican work in a field that caters the needs of the society and thereby fulfillingmy career ambitions.The reason I choose to study Master of engineering inElectrical and computer science specializing in energy system at the Universityof Alberta is that your university will provide me the platform where I canlearn to grow in the field of Electrical engineering and provide me the calibreto match international parameters. I believe that you have one of the bestlaboratory facilities such as the unique Nano & Micro fabrication facilityand RTX (Real Time Experimental laboratory, the latest equipment’s and adynamic curriculum, will help me to expertise in my field.

Being under theguidance of your experienced faculty will help me to grow my knowledge and keeppace with the technical developments. Your training will help me develop my technicalskills to manage the core aspects of electrical engineering and thereby createa pathway for me to cater the needs of this generation. Moreover, University ofAlberta is one of the top ranked universities in the world and has kept itsstandards high right from the time when it was started in 1908.I strongly believe that it is an Engineersresponsibility to make life better for everyone living on this planet. Iunderstand that I have to work hard and compete with top scholars from allaround the globe. I strongly believe that my commitment towards everything I pursueand my eminent academic records, makes me eligible for admission in your university.My experience in your university is going to enhance my education and will helpme to build my career.

At this moment I want to thank you for giving me theopportunity to express myself and my aspirations.


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