My sentences and separate my ideas in different

My greatest strength as a writer would be my vocabulary and my ability to come up with streams of ideas that usually go together quickly and from one idea to another idea. Meaning, I’m never too short on page requirements.

Often I find myself writing overly cushy sentences. Although I can’t give an easy quote of how many ideas occur throughout my essay’s, I know there are very many. Often I find myself having to delete sentences and separate my ideas in different paragraphs because I sometimes write too much.

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Throughout the revising process, I am able to pick the finest ideas and add better support to them by deleting unnecessary repetitions and ideas that don’t fit with my thesis. Inclusively, the best parts of my writing are the different uses of words and the many ideas that I come up with for the topic. Another strength is the amount of time I spend on my essay’s.

I notably spend more time than most on planning my paper’s. Planning involves deciding how I will organize my essay, how it will be delivered, and recognizing expectations of the reader. The weakest allocation of my writing is my lack of proofreading. All essays require a large amount of proofreading and not only for grammatical errors, but also for structural issues.

Proofreading my own work usually is difficult. Sometimes I will wrongly assume that the reader is can understand my thoughts and ideas, while the various points of my argument are not really expressed clearly.Sometimes I don’t see obvious errors, like comma misplacement’s, which I should be able to spot quickly in my writing. Proofreading my own work has consistently been the most difficult part of my writing process, and I still struggle with catching all of the errors in my essays.


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