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My fellow classmates, I only arrived here one short year ago, and it’s already time to leave.

It all went so fast. Today we are seniors who stand here ready to graduate and move forward in our future. Yet at this moment we can’t help looking back. I remember walking into this school on my first day, I was so nervous that I actually put off coming for a week. I had no idea who anyone was or what they were like. It felt like time wasn’t moving, the seconds felt like minutes and the minutes felt like hours.

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We’ve all worked so hard to get to this point, but we didn’t do it by ourselves. To our teachers, thank you for generously giving us your time and knowledge. Yes, that is your job but every one of you went beyond what was required. You stayed up late replying to our emails at 1 in the morning and marking our drafts ready for the final due date. You went above and beyond to help us achieve our goals and did all you could to help us pass. To our parents, thank you for always being there in more ways than one.

You dragged us out of bed every morning and sympathised with us over our daily dramas. You helped us out when we were stressing about assignments and gave us your assistance when needed. You tolerated us when we were giving you attitude over nothing in particular but most of all you supported us through everything. These are just a few of the hundreds of ways you’ve supported us. We’ve all been together for so long and supported each other in many different ways, from helping each other with our assignments, sharing notes that we’ve missed or just shown support in general. But how do we measure all this time we’ve spent together over the years? In the beginning, we measured it in class periods while counting down the days till we evidently found freedom.

As the days and weeks passed we started measuring time in semesters and then years. Before long we were no longer clueless juniors, but seniors of the school. We were confident that we were prepared to take over from the graduating seniors and couldn’t wait to rule the school.And now here we stand. The rule is over and it’s up to the next seniors to step in and take over.

As I look out at all of you, I will measure my time in a greatly different way. I will measure it in all the friendships I’ve had in the short time being here. In the future as memorise start to fade we won’t remember the periods, semesters or years but the friendships made along the way.

We’ve all completed our high school experience. Some of us will go to university or tafe while others will go straight into the workforce, but each of us will travel our own pathway.


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