My devastated and scared for my father.

Mydetermination to study Biomedical Science originates from my role as theprimary caregiver to my father following his brain stroke and decreasedmobility. Ihave discovered the wide range of uses a single medicine has. An example of this is aspirin, which I previouslybelieved was solely for pain relief, but has helped to prevent my father fromdeveloping blood clots by thinning his blood.

During this time of mylife I realise that humans have been bestowed upon a wonderful gift of life notonly to change but to also save lives. Therefore, Biomedical science will allowme to discover how a human body overcomes the many challenges in the battle ofsurvival. We have so many cells that aredesigned to carry out their jobs perfectly. I want to be able to strive tofind out more about human cells and I will able to use my knowledge andunderstanding to help others in need. I believe my father’s illness hasundoubtedly driven my desire to enter the biomedical field.My decision totake a gap year was because I want to retake my A levels.

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This was due to thereason that I knew I had the capability to do well in my exams. Also, I knewthat the situation that I took my A levels in were not suitable. Just before myA level exams my father had a stroke. During this time, I was unable to give agood performance in my exam. I was devastated and scared for my father. Myfather’s health made him very vulnerable and this made me scared.

As I was hisprimary carer, I had to take him to hospital and GP appointments. Nurses wouldcome home to take care of him but as both my parents are illiterate I wouldhave to stay with them. This just made it difficult for me to revise and givemy exam. Due to all these reason I was unable to do well in my A levels. A gap year hasnot only allowed me to begin volunteer work but I have also started to work.

Ithoroughly enjoy spending my time working locally; as I believe I am making agreater impact. Working at FOBEs has allowed me to interact with children atall levels. I have gained knowledge of the difficulties that they have in thereday to day life. This has made me become more independent, mature andunderstanding. I get motivation from these young people. Working with peoplewith range of difficulties; needing help daily, I understand the importance ofempathy and care.

My caring and empathetic attributes will undoubtable bringcomfort to someone in need. Furthermore, I am an enthusiastic individual whothrives to achieve the best I can possibly achieve and take pride in what I do.A gap yearwould also aid my preparation for university life as I believe the experiencewould improve my confidence and independence. Working as a dental receptionisthas given me valuable experience. Recently I havebeen gaining work experience at a dental practice to find out more about thepractical applications of biomedical sciences.

I can gain and develop myknowledge about science. Science, and more specifically Biology has always been myfavourite subject while growing up. This desire has developed during my Alevels because I took biology. I have thoroughly enjoyed the subject. I haveenjoyed learning about the different disease.In conclusionI believe that I can flourish into a successful student excelling in everyavenue of the topic that I will be chosen to study.

Studying Biomedical Sciencewill give me the opportunity to indulge my scientific curiosities and study asubject that I am truly passionate about. I amvery much looking forward to broadening my knowledge and I believe I would be acredit to any university that chooses to let me study with them.


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