My I promise I wont dissapoint you,

My dear Aunt Bessie, I am so honored that you have chosen me to donate your life savings of a million dollars! I promise I wont dissapoint you, I will distribute your money wisely and strategically. As America grows it seems to find itself with more and more problems.

Now that a reform movement is taking shape, I want to help make sure its successful. I remember us discussing different causes to help out with and I think I have decided on how I want to split your savings. $600,000 to child labor, $300,000 to women suffrage, and $100,000 to food safety.

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My first, most important cause is child labor which will receive $600,000. It is so sad to know that these little boys, as young as fifteen are being put to work in such horrendous environments. Lewis Hine wrote in his report that the air they breath is “dense with coal-dust” and it “penetrates so far into the passages of the lungs that for long periods after the boy leaves the breaker, he continues to cough up the black coal dust”. Just imagine the damage this is doing to the health of these young boys. In his report he also talks about two boys who “fell or were carried by coal down into the car below.” and how “one was badly burned and the other smothered to death.” It is heartbreaking that these children are being put in so much danger and even being killed just by working at the mines.

Aunt Bessie, these children are our only hope for the future, they are the future, we must protect them at all cost. My second cause is women’s suffrage which will receive $300,000. When citizens vote it is to ensure that their government is protecting their liberties. Well women are citizens too. They must have liberty of choosing who protects theirs.

Jane Addams says “she cannot fulfill these simple obligations by her own efforts because she is utterly dependent upon the city administration for the conditions which make decent living possible”. Women must learn be independent and have a voice of their own. Women must also vote in order to “Preserve the home.” also said by Jane Addams in her journal. Can you believe that Aunt Bessie, how ridiculous, these men think they are so much better than us. We are no different. They have got it all twisted! Therefore, she must be heard.

My third and last cause is food safety which will receive $100,000. The meat we’re eating lately might not be sanitary at all, not one bit. Upton Sinclair has exposed the meat packing company. He wrote a novel called, The Jungle and in it he says “….

There would be meat stored in great piles in rooms; and the water from leaky roofs would drip over it, and thousands of rats about on it.” he also says “….There would be meat that had tumbled out on the floor, in the dirt and sawdust, where the workers had tramped and spit..

..” Ew! How gross! The meat we have been eating most likely contain sawdust, spit, dirty water, and rat remains. That is just wrong that they sell meat after it being in those conditions. It should be illegal! This is outrageous Aunt Bessie. This must be dealt with immediately.

I really do hope that your generous donations help set this movement on the right path and in the direction for success. You are amazing Aunt Bessie, thinking of others, always. Again, I am beyond grateful for your decision of letting me distribute your savings.

As you can see, America very much needed your help. You are a blessing Aunt Bessie. Lots of Love!


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